Days of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, June 12: Will Risks His Life, Xander’s Shocking Discovery

Days of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, June 12: Will Risks His Life, Xander's Shocking Discovery Days Of Our Lives” (DOOL) recap for Monday, June 11, 2018, the hospital has made Rolf’s (William Utay) serum and Will (Chandler Massey) is both nervous and excited about it.

Will’s Memory Serum Is Ready

Will admits to Paul (Christopher Sean) that he is a little afraid this will change him.  Will explains to Paul that he needs this and asks him to go with him. Paul agrees to be by Will’s side no matter what. Will and Paul arrive in Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) office about the serum.

Kayla gives Marlena (Deidre Hall) the chemical work upon the serum. Paul questions if Will is guaranteed to get his memory back, Kayla isn’t sure. Will says one way to find out if the serum works, to try it. Marlena wants to talk to Will privately, he asks Kayla to go but she refuses.

Paul tells Kayla he is praying for Steve (Stephen Nichols) and leaves. Kayla calls the hotel and asks for Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) room number, they won’t give it to her.

Xander Has Proof Of Who Deimos’ Murder Is

Days of Our Lives Xander (Paul Telfer) prepares to listen to the recording from the safe. Sonny (Freddie Smith) asks what Xander is doing. Sonny wants to know what Xander took since he is leaving. Sonny figures out that Xander stole money from the safe.

Sonny wants to call the cops, Adrienne (Judy Evans) throws Xander out but he still leaves with the recording. Xander later listens to the recording of Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) voice saying “you killed Deimos (Vincent Irizarry)”.

Xander puts it together that Brady made Nicole leave Eric (Greg Vaughan) and starts to walk into the Pub. Eric stops Xander, we don’t serve your kind in here. Xander tells Eric they have more in common than he thinks about mentions Nicole (Arianna Zucker).


Eric tells Xander he is over Nicole and to leave town. Xander runs into Theresa and asks her to leave with him. Theresa turns Xander down, he says he might have stumbled onto better than all the diamonds he’s every smuggled.

Sonny Has Hope For A Reunion

Days of Our Lives’ Sonny questions why Adrienne didn’t tell him about Will’s serum. Adrienne says she didn’t want to get Sonny’s hopes up.

Will is tenacious and the lab is working on the serum right now. Sonny feels like he and Will can get back together.  Sonny and Adrienne talk about how much easier his life would be if he had Will back.

Theresa Is Brady And Eve’s Boss

Days of Our Lives Theresa (Jen Lilley) informs Brady that Victor (John Aniston) gave her control of Bella Magazine, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) is furious. Eve calls Theresa a bitch when she says they need to pull together. Theresa says she heard Brady did the same to Eve.

Brady tells Theresa this isn’t going to work. Eve tells Theresa that she can’t drive she and Brady apart. Theresa will give Eve back Bella and she can run it. Eve asks what about Brady, Theresa says he can have his dream job back and be CEO of Titan if he comes home with her.

Eve questions Theresa about giving her Bella back as a conciliation prize. Brady tells Theresa her and Victor’s plan is not going to work. Theresa says she will see Brady and Eve at work and to come up with some better ideas. Eve and Brady talk about Theresa trying to blackmail him.

Eve wants to step aside and let Brady have Titan. Brady stops Eve, she makes him happy and fulfills him and he’s not about to give that up. Brady and Eve make love and talk about going back to work. Brady tells Eve there is no way Theresa can destroy them.

Kayla Is Determined To Help Steve

Days of Our Lives Kayla calls Stefan (Tyler Christopher) and tells him she has access to Marlena’s files and can get information on Kate. Kayla makes it plain that Marlena can never know. Marlena overhears Kayla and questions what she can’t know.

Kayla explains about Visionary Bionics being owned by Stefan and how they can’t get help. Kayla tells Marlena about Stefan’s deal with the government and how she cannot match their offer. Marlena talks about Stefan and Kate and how he isn’t done with her.

Kayla tells Marlena that Stefan and Kate are a lot like and she is nobody’s Victim. Kayla asks Marlena if Kate confessed to her. Marlena wants to know why Kayla is so curious. Kayla tells Marlena Kate must have tons of skeletons in her closet.

Ted And Kate Share A Connection

Days of Our Lives’ Leo’s lawyer, Ted, (Giles Marini) shows up at Kate’s hotel suite with dinner. Kate tries to get the lawyer to leave but end up inviting him in to talk strategies. The lawyer tells Kate he has no intention of losing this case so Titan will be picking up the tab.

Kate tells the lawyer she wants Titan brought to its knees so she can take over. The lawyer assumes Kate is grieving over Andre (Thaao Penghlis) and tells her about his wife’s death. Kate tells the lawyer she is a cancer survivor and how much difference support makes. Kayla sees the lawyer leave Kate’s room.

Eric And Roman Have A Heart To Heart

Days of Our Lives’ Eric tells Roman (Josh Taylor) that Theresa answered J.J. door in a T-shirt. Eric tells Roman that he knows Theresa doesn’t give up. Eric tells Roman why Theresa left and they discuss Nicole. Roman thinks it’s time Eric and Brady put this behind them.

Eric and Roman talk about Nicole and how good Jennifer is for him. Eric says Nicole was like a rollercoaster ride, Jennifer feels like home. Roman tells Eric that people change all the time but if he and Jennifer are happy that’s good.

Will Tells Marlena He Will Take The Serum With Or Without Her Help

Days of Our Lives’ Marlena, Will, and Paul are talking in a room. Will wants to take the serum even though it hasn’t been tested. Marlena can’t be responsible for anything happening to him. Will tells Marlena no one will blame her, she believes Sami might.

Will tells Marlena that he knows she is worried but she doesn’t know what it’s like to be him. Will tells Marlena he is doing this with or without her, he’s not waiting until later to do it.

Marlena wants to know what she can say to make Will reconsider, he insists nothing will make him change his mind. Marlena finally gives Will the serum. Will says he has a good feeling about this.

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