Days Of Our Lives RECAP Tuesday July 10: Hope Tries To Turn Ciara Against Ben

Days Of Our Lives RECAP Tuesday July 10: Hope Tries To Turn Ciara Against Ben On today’s Days of Our Lives, Tuesday July 10,  J.J. (Casey Moss) comes in and the fire alarm is going off.  Theresa (Jen Lilley) was trying to bake cookies for Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Tate (Kyle and Colin Schroeder).

Brady Wants To Make A Deal With Theresa

Theresa tells J.J. that she didn’t know Ted (Gilles Marini) was going to go at Brady like that. J.J. tells Theresa that she and Brady need to find a way to work this out.  J.J. wants to know if sole custody is better for Tate or to get Brady back.  Theresa tells J.J. he might be right, maybe she is that screwed up. J.J. tells Theresa she needs to think about Tate and put her feelings on hold.

Brady shows up to speak to Theresa about Tate. Theresa doesn’t want J.J. to leave, she goes off on Brady, J.J. talks her down.  Brady wants to propose an idea to Theresa. Brady asks Theresa to agree to shared custody and brings up when Tate was kidnapped.  Brady wants to know if they can’t put Tate first now.  Theresa tells Brady to stop acting like she doesn’t put Tate first because she went to hell for them both.

J.J. tries to calm Theresa down and offers to try and help, Brady needs to take the gloves off for Tate’s sake. Theresa gives Brady the cookies to take to Tate and he promises to let him know his mom sent them.  Brady asks Theresa to think about what he said and leaves.  Theresa breaks down and cries, J.J. asks what she is going to do now.


Eve Goes To Victor For Help

Days Of Our Lives’ Brady is trying to figure out how to get custody of Tate, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) urges him to tell the truth about Nicole (Arianna Zucker). Brady refuses to throw Nicole under the bus. Eve says Brady would be righting a wrong. Brady goes to see Theresa and talk some sense into her. Eve makes a phone call.

Eve goes to see Victor (John Aniston) who already has a drink. Eve needs Victor’s help, it’s about Brady losing Tate and he can stop it. Eve tells Victor what happened in court.  Victor tells Eve that this isn’t his problem.  Eve brings up Isabella (Staci Greason), Victor says she wouldn’t approve of her at all. Eve wants to get the tape to the judge, Victor says Nicole’s life would be over.

Eve wants to know if Victor knows where the tape is.  Victor tells Eve it’s in the safe, he says he will get it.  Victor discovers the recording is gone and tells Eve. Victor says it’s gone, disappeared, missing, Brady probably took it when he moved out. If Brady continues to protect Nicole, Theresa will have him right where she wants him.

Tripp And Claire Learn Ciara Is At The Hospital

Days Of Our Lives’ Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) gets a call from Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and tells Tripp (Lucas Adams) Ciara (Victoria Konefal) has been found. Tripp is determined to go to Ciara, Claire wants to join him.  Tripp tells Claire there is no way she is going with him to see Ciara.

Tripp tells Claire he wants to fix things with Ciara and she needs to just wait. Claire tells Tripp she will stay home and to call her.  Tripp comes back home and tells Claire that Ciara is tired but ok.  Ciara defended Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) Tripp tells Claire she doesn’t blame him at all.

Rafe Vows To Get A Confession

Days Of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is at the hospital with Ciara, Rafe (Galen Gering) calls to check on her. Ciara’s Leg has been reset but Ben did a good job with it.  Rafe says he will get the truth out of Ben regardless.

Rafe accuses Ben of doing the same thing to Ciara as he did to Abby. Rafe says Ben used the same MO to get rid of Ciara by setting the fire and refuses to listen to an explanation.  Rafe doesn’t believe Ben’s story and withholds his medication to try and get a confession. Rafe tells Ben he’s never going to let him hurt anyone again.

Hope Tries To Turn Ciara Against Ben

Days Of Our Lives’ Hope tells Ciara her testimony will put Ben away.  Ciara tells Hope that Ben didn’t hurt her, he tried to help her.  Ciara tells Hope that Ben saved her after the wreck and explains how Ben helped her.  Ciara tells Hope that she chose not to come home.  Hope keeps telling Ciara what Ben has done in the past.

Hope tells Ciara that was the same cabin Abby and Chad were in and he set the cabin on fire.  Ciara tells Hope that Ben wasn’t even there, someone else set the fire.  Ciara sent Ben to go get his meds because he ran out of them. Ciara relives her argument with Ben.

Tripp shows up to see Ciara, Hope says they need to talk more.  Ciara tells Hope she’s told her the whole truth and Hope leaves. Tripp asks how Ciara is, she tells him about her broken leg and smoke inhalation.  Tripp calls Ben a maniac, Ciara sets him straight.

Ciara tells Tripp to just not talk about Ben, he begs for a chance to fix things between them.  Tripp tells Ciara that he hates seeing her like this knowing it’s his fault.  Ciara tells Tripp to let it go, this is her fault and tells him bye. Tripp leaves, Ciara is upset.

Ciara Goes To See Ben

Days Of Our Lives’ Hope shows up at the police station and asks Rafe what he got out of Ben.  Hope needs solid evidence to prove that Ben isn’t Ciara’s knight in shining armor.  Hope goes in and confronts Ben.  Ben asks how Ciara is, Hope, says when the evidence comes back they will have proof of what he did.

Rafe gives Ben his meds and goes to the cabin to look for evidence.  Hope is going back to the hospital, she will never believe Ben has changed.  Hope comes back to the hospital to see Ciara who has left.  Ciara arrives at the police department to see Ben.

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