Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, September 13 John’s Request Is Denied, The Vent Will Be Removed

Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, September 13 John’s Request Is Denied, The Vent Will Be Removed Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, September 13, 2018 reveals, Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is working on math, Tripp (Lucas Adams) calls. Tripp offers to bring home dessert. Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) comes in behind Ciara and scares her.

Tripp Is Jealous Of Ben

Ben has a surprise for Ciara. Ben has a bandana, he was going to blindfold Ciara but realizes he scared her. Ben wants to take Ciara to see her surprise, and she’s waiting for Tripp. Tripp texts and Ciara changes her mind. Ben has restored Bo’s (Ex- Peter Reckell) bike for Ciara.

Ben wanted to do something to thank Ciara. Ciara thanks Ben, she feels like she has part of Bo back. Ciara hugs Ben, and this is the sweetest thing anyone has done for her. Ben wipes the grease off Ciara’s face. Ciara take Ben for a ride to make sure everything works on the bike. Hope shows up to arrest Ben for attempted murder.

Shawn Pushes Hope To Arrest Ben

Days of Our Lives’ Shawn (Brandon Beemer) is pushing Hope (Kristian Alfonso) to get Ben back into custody. Hope tells Shawn she is doing everything she can. Hope apologizes to Shawn, and she’s got a lot on her plate. Sha wn knows Hope is doing all she can. Hope complains that Ciara blames her for trying to put Ben away. Hope vows to do whatever she can to get rid of Ben.

Tripp shows up at the apartment, Ciara isn’t there. Ciara and Ben arrive home, Tripp isn’t happy. Ciara asks if Tripp is ready to watch the next episode. Tripp questions Ciara taking Ben for a ride. Ciara asks Tripp if he’s jealous. Tripp wouldn’t say jealous, but Ben is making a play for her. Ciara tells Tripp that Ben is just thanking her, nothing more. Ciara is with Tripp now and the happiest she’s ever been.

Rafe And Hope Argue Over Sami

Days of Our Lives’ Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) bail doesn’t get because she’s a flight risk, and she wants Rafe (Galen Gering) to get her a new hearing. Sami wants to go after Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), she knows where E.J. (ex James Scott) is. Rafe tells Sami that Marlena (Deidre Hall) has had a setback and the doctors aren’t hopeful. Sami says this is all her fault. Sami questions why she didn’t just drop the gun.

Sami didn’t know this was going to happen. Sami cries and Rafe tries to comfort her, and Hope walks in. Hope tells Sami she spoke to John, she’s sorry about Marlena. Sami asks about Kristen and wants her found now. Sami says Kristen is the person responsible for what happened to her mother. Hope tells Sami she’s the only one responsible at the moment. Rafe apologizes for how Sami talked to Hope. Hope is sarcastic about poor Sami. Rafe accuses Hope of being angry over Sami.

Hope says Rafe would defend Sami regardless. Eric (Greg Vaughan) shows up to see Sami. Sami asks Eric about Marlena, and she wants to know if they are trying to save her. Eric tells Sami about the living will. Eric tells Sami they have to take Marlena off the ventilator and she probably won’t survive. Rafe asks Hope to have a little compassion for Sami. Hope doesn’t have time for this, and she’s getting Ben by the end of the day. Rafe offers to help Hope, and she says Sami may need him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Eric tells Sami that Belle wants to honor the directive. Sami sends Eric back to the hospital and sends Belle a message. If Marlena dies, Belle killed her. Eric updates Rafe on Marlena’s situation. Rafe tells Eric that he feels for him and Sami. Rafe tells Eric if there is anything he can do to call. Rafe goes to tells Sami they are unplugging the ventilator.

The Board Won’t Wait To Remove Marlena

Days of Our Lives’ John (Drake Hogestyn) calls Justin (Wally Kurth) to try and stop the hospital from unhooking Marlena. Belle tells John not to fight this, Justin can’t win. John tells Belle that Justin is willing to do whatever it takes to save Marlena unlike her. Belle makes excuses that it’s what Marlena wants. Belle asks if John knows how hurtful this is. Belle claims that John knows her better than that.

John doesn’t give a damn what Belle wants, and he wants to save Marlena. Eric tells Belle and John they need to do what is best for Marlena. John orders Belle to leave the hospital. Justin shows up and inquires about Paul. Justin looks over the living will. Eric tells John that Roman (Josh Taylor) tried to talk to Kayla, but she went to the board. John begs Justin to help them.

Justin tells John this won’t be easy. Justin tells John that there is no way to override the directive. Justin offers to go to the board to buy some time. Justin tells John the board won’t help. John offers to talk to the board himself. Justin tells John the hospital is legally bound to abide by Marlena’s wishes. Justin says the hospital can’t ignore Marlena’s wishes. John wants to keep Marlena alive. The board won’t give them time, and they want the ventilator removed today. Eric comes back to the hospital. Eric doesn’t understand the rush. John believes there is still something he can do.


Claire Is Upset With Belle

Days of Our Lives’ Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) stops by work, and she’s meeting Shawn there. Claire wants Tripp to hang out with her. Tripp tells Claire he has plans with Ciara. Tripp goes to test Ciara to tell her he’s sitting with Claire. Shawn arrives to pick up Claire and notices she has feelings for Tripp. Claire tells Shawn that he had a thing for Tripp, but she doesn’t know, she respects his relationship with Ciara. Belle joins Shawn and Claire and informs them things don’t look good for Marlena.

Belle says she thinks she made matters worse. Belle tells Shawn about the papers and how John threw her out. Claire tells Belle that she doesn’t blame John if he doesn’t forgive her. Claire thinks Belle should have ignored the paper. Belle says this is what Marlena wanted and that is why she chose her. Claire apologizes to Belle. Claire wants to know when the ventilator will be shut off. Eric calls and tells Shawn the board has made a decision.

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