Days of Our Lives RECAP Monday, September 24: Hattie Threatens John, Jennifer Comes Clean

Days of Our Lives RECAP Monday, September 24: Hattie Threatens John, Jennifer Comes Clean Days of Our Lives’ Monday September 24 episode recap kicks off with Hattie (Deidre Hall) wanting to get married now.  John (Drake Hogestyn) wants to wait until she’s released. Hattie keeps pushing John for the wedding.

Hattie Insist On A Wedding

Hattie tells Belle (Martha Madison) to call Abe (James Reynolds) and tell him to put on his marrying shoes.  Belle agrees to gather the family and Abe for a wedding.  John wants to know why Hattie is doing this.  Hattie threatens to tell the whole story about Marlena.  Hattie threatens to cost Kayla her job and Marlena’s life if John doesn’t go along with her plan. Hattie demands John marry her for all of them.

Shawn Volunteers To Investigate Hope

Days of Our Lives’  Shawn (Brandon Beemer)  comes to the station to speak to Rafe (Galin Gering) about Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). Shawn says his mom is a great cop, but she may have gotten desperate.  Shawn wants Rafe to assure him that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) didn’t plant this evidence.

Rafe tells Shawn that anyone can miss evidence. Rafe tells Shawn that he, Eli (Lamon Archey), and forensics investigated that scene.  Shawn asks Rafe if he thinks Hope planted this. Shawn and Rafe discuss how Ted (Gilles Marini) will go after Hope.  Shawn offers to investigate Hope, so Rafe doesn’t have to. Later Belle tells Shawn that Marlena wants to marry John tomorrow.

Hope Insists Ben Will Try To Kill Ciara Again

Days of Our Lives’ Hope goes to see Ciara (Victoria Konefal) at the loft. Ciara is cleaning Bo’s (ex-Peter Reckell) bike.  Ciara tells Hope she was thinking about defending Ben all this time.  Hope and Ciara hug. Ciara wonders if Ben doesn’t remember setting the fire because he was off his medication. Ciara doesn’t necessarily see Ben as a threat.  Hope keeps pushing Ciara to turn her back on Ben.  Hope tells Ciara that Ben will try to kill her again.  Ciara questions what will happen to Ben now.


Hope agrees that Ben will get a public defender.  Hope says she didn’t plant the evidence, Ciara believes her.  Hope wishes Rafe believed is her as much.  Ciara questions Rafe doubting Hope. Ciara tells Hope that Rafe loves her and is trying to protect her. Ciara tells Hope not to let this ruin her relationship with Rafe.  Ciara encourages Hope not to give up on Rafe.  Hope goes to the station, and she and Ciara agree to dinner later in the week.

Theresa Isn’t Coming Back With Tate

Days of Our Lives’  Eve (Kassie DePaiva) is reliving her conversation with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). Brady (Eric Martsolf) comes in, he and Eve discuss Paul and their future. Brady believes he is lucky to have Eve.  Brady and Eve talk about pushing each other’s buttons.  Brady loves Eve for bringing him back to a place of goodness now.  Theresa (Jen Lilley) calls Brady and tells him she’s not bringing Tate (Kyle and Colin Schroeder) back.

Theresa won’t move back to Salem even though Kimberly is now better. Eve says this is not fair.  Brady points out that the drugs cost him, Tate.  Brady says this is all Victor’s (John Aniston) fault.  Eve takes up for Victor and Brady tells her to stop.  Eve thinks she knows how to fix this. Eve wants to fix things with Theresa. Brady won’t let Eve go; she’s the only one he can count on now.  Brady says there has to be a way to bring Theresa back to town.  Eve offers to break up with Brady to get Tate back.  Eric (Greg Vaughan) shows up and tells Brady “ I know what you did.”

Eric Walks Out On Jennifer

Days of Our Lives’  Jennifer tells Eric she has been lying to him for a long time.  Jennifer needs Eric to know the truth about Nicole (Arianne Zucker).  Eric tells Jennifer that he loves her and that is never going to change.  Jennifer tells Eric he may feel different when he knows why Nicole walked out on him.  Eric tells Jennifer that Nicole left because she didn’t love him enough.  Jennifer tells Eric that Nicole was forced to leave.

Jennifer tells Eric that Nicole had to convince him that she wanted to leave.  Jennifer tells Eric that someone blackmailed Nicole. Jennifer doesn’t want to tell Eric who was blackmailing Nicole but tells him she murdered Deimos (Vicent Irizarry). Jennifer tells Eric that it happened while under the influence of Halo, Nicole ran into Deimos.  Deimos threatened to take Holly, so Nicole killed him.

Eric doesn’t believe Jennifer, but she assures him that is why Nicole left. Eric says Nicole would have told him if she killed Deimos.  Jennifer tells Eric that Nicole left the necklace in their room.  Eric remembers a conversation with Brady about his room.  Eric puts it together that Brady found it and blackmailed Nicole. Jennifer tells Eric that Brady confronted Nicole and she remembered everything.

Brady covered for Nicole until she told him she was leaving for Eric. Jennifer tells Eric what Brady threatened Nicole with before she left.  Jennifer tells Eric she’s sorry.  Eric always felt that Brady was involved. Jennifer tells Eric that Brady taped Nicole’s confession and gave her no choice but to leave.  Eric demands to know how long Jennifer has known this.  Eric walks out on Jennifer completely furious.

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