Days Of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, May 24: Eric & Justin Threaten Xander

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Days Of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, May 24: Eric & Justin Threaten Xander “Days Of Our Lives” (DOOL) recap for Thursday, May 24, 2018, reveals Ciara (Victoria Konefal) comes home from the gym, Tripp (Lucas Adams) wants to talk about last night. Ciara tries to avoid Tripp, he wants to know what happened.

Ciara Avoids Tells Tripp The Truth

Ciara assures Tripp she is ok, he knows there is something else. Tripp is afraid he did something wrong, Ciara says they are great. Ciara checks to see if Tripp is gone, she comes out of her room in tears.

Hope Thinks Ciara Should Talk About The Rape

Days of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) shows up to tell Ciara about Abby’s (Marci Miller) sentence and to warn her to stay away from Xander (Paul Tefler). Hope wants to know what’s wrong with Ciara and she gets defensive. Ciara says Tripp was giving her the third degree, Hope thinks he was just concerned. Ciara tells Hope about dinner and that Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) ruined it. Ciara tells Hope that Julie brought up the rape.

Ciara tells Hope that she and Tripp were kissing and Chase (Jonathon McClendon) got back into her head because Julie put him there. Ciara says she’s over it, Hope hugs her and says maybe not. Hope advises Ciara to tell Tripp about the rape. Tripp thinks that Ciara is strong and he won’t think the same if she tells him the truth. Ciara doesn’t want Tripp to think she is weak and needs taken care of.

Hope tells Ciara that Tripp would see that she is stronger than he thought. Hope thinks Ciara should try therapy. Ciara thinks Hope wants her to confront Chase again. Hope tells Ciara she needs to talk about things, even if its uncomfortable. Hope tells Ciara she loves her and his there if she ever needs her. Tripp tries to call Ciara, she won’t answer.

Eric Wants Xander Gone By Any Means

Days of Our Lives’ Eric (Greg Vaughan) goes to the police station to see Hope. Xander needs to go before Eric kills him with his bare hands. Eric wants Hope to pull Xander’s file, the Greek authorities are the only ones who can prosecute him. Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) arrives and tells Hope and Eric that the judge is still deciding on the plea agreement.

Justin Threatens Xander As Well

Days of Our Lives’ Justin (Wally Kurth) walks in at the Kiriakis Estate, Xander is coming down the stairs. Justin hoped Victor (John Aniston) was wrong, Xander tells him he will be around a while. Justin enters the living room where Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Adrienne (Judy Evans) show him the notice of the lawsuit. Sonny still believes it’s a mistake. Justin assures Sonny this is real, Adrienne tells him he was set up. Later Xander pops in on Adrienne and Justin’s conversation, he must have got him just in time. Xander puts down everyone in the family, Justin threatens him with a tire iron.

Will Warns Sonny

Days of Our Lives’ Leo (Greg Rikaart) approaches Will (Chandler Massey) with his sexual harassment story. Will wants no part of it and calls Sonny to warn him. Sonny comes to the Horton Square to confront Leo. Sonny wants to know what the hell is wrong with Leo. Sonny and Leo walks off into the park, why are you doing this to me today? Leo tells Sonny that he forced him to have sex last night. Sonny tells Leo he isn’t going to get away with this.

Chad And Abby Talk To Kate

Days of Our Lives’ Abby is upset that Chad (Billy Flynn) talked to Trask (Laura Kai Chen) without letting her know. Chad tells Abby it’s one thing to take responsibility for what she did but another to go to jail. Chad and Abby come up to Kate (Lauren Koslow) and invite her to lunch. Chad and Abby tell Kate she has to go to intensive inpatient therapy. Kate points out that she isn’t anyone to judge after what she did to Vivian (Louise Sorel). Kate points out that what she and Abby did were accidents. Abby remembers her alter hitting Kate over the head and apologizes, she remembers doing it to Marlena (Deidre Hall) too. Chad assures Abby they will get through her therapy.

Will Advises Tripp To Try Again

Days of Our Lives’ Will tells Kate how terrible he finds Leo, she excuses herself. Tripp comes to Will’s table who tells him that a lot of people have good reason to hate Kate. Will asks if Tripp and Ciara are a couple. Tripp tells Will that for a while he thought he and Ciara were a couple but now he doesn’t know. Will tells Tripp that he has a severe memory problem. Will wishes he could help Tripp and that he should try to talk to her again.


Eric Hasn’t Seen The Last of Xander

Days of Our Lives’ Eric and Jennifer are at the pub, he needs to go sign for a delivery. Xander comes in and Jennifer warns him away from them all. Xander says he understand Jennifer can hook him up with pain pills. Eric wants Xander gone now, he leaves warning he will be back.

Kate And Leo Discuss Money

Days of Our Lives’ Kate joins Leo and he tells her there is a bidding war for his story. Kate says Leo will be rich after Titan settles. Leo tells Kate he will be set for life after she pays him.

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