Days of Our Lives RECAP Friday, Oct 5: Mimi Is Back, Eric Finds Nicole

Days of Our Lives RECAP Friday, Oct 5: Mimi Is Back, Eric Finds NicoleDays of Our Lives’ Friday October 5 recap begins with Roman (Josh Taylor) joins Kate (Lauren Koslow) in the Horton Square.  Roman and Kayla discuss Marlena (Deidre Hall).  Roman has a proposition for Kate. Roman tells Kate that he knows about the fake lawsuit.

Roman And Kate Make A Deal

Roman wants to help Kate get out of it.  Roman tells Kate that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) threatened Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) as well and he believes if they work together, they can bring him down. Roman tells Kate that she needs to come clean about what Stefan is holding over her.

Roman tells Kate that they have two kids together.  Roman asks about Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Ted’s (Gilles Marini) disappearances. Kate claims not to know anything.  Roman doesn’t know if he can work with Kate if she doesn’t tell him the whole story.  Kate says she guesses they can’t work together. Roman starts to walk away, Kate stops him, and they agree to work together.

Kayla Tells Stefan, She’s Done

Days of Our Lives’ Abby (Marci Miller) and Stefan are at the hospital.  Abby tells Kayla that she thinks she’s sick again. Abby tells Kayla that she is missing time again and sending odd texts.  Kayla doesn’t seem to be worried about her symptoms.  Kayla tells Abby to go home and rest; she will talk to Marlena.


Kayla tells Stefan she’s done helping him.  Kayla tells Stefan she now knows what else he can do to hurt Steve (ex-Stephen Nichols). Kayla tells Stefan she and Steve have been through worse and he will not win. Kayla threatens to tell Abby what Stefan has done to her and Steve.  Stefan tells Kayla he has a lot more cards than she does, Kayla disagrees.

Abby Is Furious With Chad

Days of Our Lives’ Chad (Billy Flynn) is in Abby bedroom with the wig.  Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) is downstairs and gets her wedding announces sample in the mail.  Chad comes downstairs and asks if Jennifer has seen Abby.  Chad shows Jennifer the wig and tells her that Stefan believes Gabby (Marci Miller) is back. Jennifer wants Chad to leave so she can find Abby.  Abby comes in and asks what is going on because they look upset.  Chad tells Abby he’s worried about her and they show her the wig.

Abby tells Jennifer and Chad that the wig isn’t hers.  Chad tells Abby that Gabi (Camilla Banus) is watching Thomas (Asher Morrissette) and Stefan told her he thinks Gabby is back. Abby believes she can’t trust anyone. Chad asks if Abby saw Marlena, she explains that Marlena was asleep. Chad tells Abby she is just stressed out and he should have been there for her.  Chad blames himself for Gabby coming back.  Chad tells Abby that she texted Stefan.  Chad asks Abby to let him help her. Jennifer tells Abby they love her and want to help her. Abby tells Jennifer and Chad that she doesn’t believe that Gabby is back.  Abby tells Chad and Jennifer that this is no one else’s business and walks off.  Chad asks Jennifer what they do now.

Maggie And Chloe Discuss Lucas And The Baby

Days of Our Lives’ Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) tells Eric (Greg Vaughan) she knows where Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is and thinks he deserves to know too. Maggie tells Eric that Victor (John Aniston) told her everything.  Maggie says it’s clear to her that Nicole needs help and he’s the only one who can give that to her. Maggie tells Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) that Eric has gone to find Nicole and she hopes he brings her and Holly home.

Maggie tells Chloe that she thinks Lucas will be ok dealing with Bonnie and the baby.  Maggie is glad that Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Chloe are working on their relationship.  Chloe tells Maggie she is worried about how Parker will react to the baby.  Chloe admits to being ashamed to admit that little Bonnie will turn out to be like Mimi.  Maggie tells Chloe that Mimi turned out the way she did because of her childhood and the baby won’t turn out that way with her and Lucas helping her. Lucas takes the baby to meet Chloe and Maggie. Eric arrives at Nicole’s room, and she opens the door.

Lucas Leaves With Baby Bonnie

Days of Our Lives’ Lucas and Bonnie are back at the police station. Bonnie swears she doesn’t know where the baby is.  Lucas tells Bonnie, she’s going back to Statesville.  Bonnie wants to make a private call and demands someone produce the baby now.

Bonnie gets off the phone and demands Lucas leave with her to see the baby.  Lucas picks up the baby and tells her that he will never leave the baby alone.  Bonnie tries to make Lucas leave the baby with her. Bonnie says she’s not giving Lucas custody.  Lucas takes the baby and leaves.  Mimi (Farrah Fath) comes out asking what Bonnie just did. Mimi asks how Bonnie could just let Lucas take her baby.

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