Days of Our Lives Recap Friday, July 13: Theresa Loses Visitation, Eve Tips Justin Off About Victor

Days of Our Lives Recap Friday, July 13: Theresa Loses Visitation, Eve Tips Justin Off About VictorDays of Our Lives (DOOL) recap reveals, Theresa (Jen Lilley) blames J.J. (Casey Moss) for the drugs under the sink. J.J. tells Theresa they aren’t his.

Theresa Blames J.J. Then Brady

Theresa tells J.J. someone planted them. Theresa accuses Brady (Eric Martsolf) of planting the drugs in the apartment. Theresa is terrified she is going to lose Tate (Colin and Kyle Schroeder). Brady argues about Theresa putting Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) on the stand against him. J.J. stands up to speak.

Theresa And Brady Argue In The Court Room

Days of Our Lives’ Brady hears Eve (Kassie DePaiva) on the phone, she hangs up says she will have to call back, Brady asks if there is a problem. Eve tells Brady it is a problem with an order and she will take care of it. Brady kisses Eve and tells her he is happy because he’s getting joint custody of his son. Brady gets a call from Justin (Wally Kurth), Judge Duncan’s (Gwen McGee) clerk want to resume the hearing.

Eve gets to the courtroom before Brady and tells Justin that Victor did something to help with the hearing. Justin wants to know what Victor did, Eve doesn’t know. Judge Duncan arrives and tells the court about the coke found in J.J.’s apartment. Brady is furious, Eve and Justin just look at each other. Brady accuses Theresa of using drugs again. Theresa accuses Brady of planting the drugs. Theresa and Brady argue about the custody and she vows to keep him away from Tate. Judge Duncan orders Theresa to take her seat, she is in no position to make threats. Judge Duncan suspends Theresa’s visitation rights.

Chad Tries To Comfort Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Chad (Billy Flynn) is on the phone talking about the stock rebounding. Gabi (Camille Banus) is upset and runs into Chad. Chad offers Gabi a handkerchief, he asks what is going on. Gabi tells Chad she had just seen Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and about the infection.

Gabi tells Chad that she might not be able to have more kids. Chad apologizes to Gabi, who tells him its not his fault. Gabi apologizes, Chad tells her she has every right to be angry. Chad wants to know if Gabi is in any pain right now. Gabi tells Chad it was nice to know that she could have given Ari (Harper and Sydney Udell) a little brother or little sister. Chad suggests Gabi go spend the day with Ari, she tells him about the visit earlier. Chad tries to comfort Gabi. Gabi wants to know if Thomas was upset with Abby (Marci Miller) when she came home, Chad tells her no.

Chad tries to explain that Ari has had to process a lot, give her a little time, she will forgive them, Gabi hopes so. Chad asks Gabi if she is really that surprised. Chad tells Gabi that she was just as angry when she was in prison. Chad tells Gabi she is a good person, Gabi isn’t so sure. Gabi doesn’t want to work for Stefan but she’s not giving up Gabi Chic. Gabi and Chad talk about her stepping aside for Abby, she never thought she would get sick again. Gabi wants to know if Chad is still happy, it’s a miracle Abby recovered so quickly. Chad offers to talk to Ari for Gabi. Gabi tells Chad that Thomas is lucky to have him for a dad. Gabi asks Chad if he and Abby want more kids, he says yes.

Stefan Threatens To Send Kate To Prison

Days of Our Lives’ Stefan (Tyler Christopher) is reading Chad’s interview and starts seeing Gabby (Marci Miller). Stefan walks up to Gabby who tells him she’s a drunken hallucination, there is not a tiny piece of her left inside of Abby. Gabby wants to cut this goodbye short, Chad and Abby won, she and Stefan lost. Kate (Lauren Koslow) answers the door, Stefan is there, its time for her to pay the piper.

Stefan demands the business plans for Titan from Kate. Kate tells Stefan that Leo (Greg Rikaart) is gone, so is the lawsuit. Stefan threatens to show the judge Kate and Leo’s pictures. Kate wants to know what Stefan is going to threaten her with. Stefan wants to hurt Chad more by having Kate’s help. Kate suggests Stefan go back to Europe where he came from. Chad arrives at Kate’s room to talk to her, Stefan is still there.

Kate Tells Ted About Andre

Days Of Our Lives’ Kate and Ted (Gilles Marini) are in bed together. Kate says Ted is a vast improvement compared to her last marriage. Kate tells Ted about her and Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) relationship. Ted gets a text, he must be in court in 20 minutes for Theresa’s custody case. Theresa gets a call to get to court immediately and tells J.J. who tells her she can still fight this.

Abby Gets The DNA Results

Days of Our Lives’ Abby shows up in Kayla’s office for her paternity test. Kayla looks at Abby and she assumes the baby is Stefan’s. Kayla hasn’t seen the results yet and tries to calm Abby down. Kayla tells Abby that Ciara (Victoria Konefal) has been found and that she was with Ben. Kayla tells Abby that Ben (Robert Scott Wison) saved Ciara and about the fire.

Kayla tells Abby that she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Kayla knows how difficult this is for Abby. Abby tells Kayla that Chad just told her he wants another baby. Kayla finds the results, Abby takes them. Kayla can’t imagine how difficult this is for Abby. Kayla promises to be there for Abby and she believes Chad will too. Kayla tells Abby this was not her fault, she cannot blame herself.

Kayla explains that there will be no question of the match and tells Abby about the conversation with Gabi. Abby explains to Kayla how supportive Gabi has been. Kayla tells Abby they need to open the envelope. Abby decides to read the results by herself, Kayla reminds her she is there for her. Abby runs into Gabi in the park and she urges her to open the envelope. Gabi and Abby open the results together.

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