Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick’s Mystery Woman Elsa Arrives

Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick's Mystery Woman Elsa Arrives Nick’s (Ben Price) mystery woman will finally be revealed in “Coronation Street’s” upcoming episode. Elsa, played by Kelly Harrison, will make her much-awaited appearance on the cobbles. But why is Nick trying so hard to keep her existence a secret?

Nick’s old flame, Carla, who is played by Alison King, has grown suspicious of his evasiveness when asked about his life when he was living in Nottingham. To satisfy her curiosity, she starts to investigate and finds out that Nick ran a restaurant with a woman named Elsa.

Carla confronts Nick about what she discovered. However, he was quick to discourage her from taking things further, especially when she told him of her plans to visit the place. He explained that he got involved with Elsa as a favor to a friend. Their work relationship should be kept under the radar because they were dealing with tax matters.

But Nick is clearly lying about a lot of things, especially when he made a secret phone call to Elsa, telling her that he had to stay in Weatherfield longer because his mother is ill.

Nick reassures his girlfriend Leanne (Jane Danson) that he is in for a serious and lasting romantic relationship, but also tells her that he’ll be heading to Nottingham to deal with some important matters. As he prepares for his trip, his jaw drops as he sees Elsa head towards number 8. Nick immediately steers her away. While Nick and Elsa engage in their hush-hush conversation, they had no idea that they were being watched by Carla who originally sought out Nick’s address because he failed to show up on their business meeting.

She gets a chance to talk to the mysterious Elsa and starts to ask questions. The latter confirms that she and Nick are indeed business partners but there is definitely more to it. How will Carla react to what she finds out? Will Elsa’s appearance affect Nick’s relationship with Leanne? Get the answers to all these and more on “Coronation Street’s” next episode.

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