Who Is The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sheila Carter? B&B Flashback Part 2

Who Is The Bold and the Beautiful's Sheila Carter? B&B Flashback Part 2

Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) flashback review on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ began with our Part 1 feature. Today, we continue this character’s memory refresher, or introduction for newer viewers.

James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) was Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) fiance and a friend of Sheila’s psychiatrist. Sheila accidentally pushed her doctor off a ledge to his death during a time when James, who was also a psychiatrist, was trying to learn about Sheila’s past. Lauren (Tracey Bregman) later told James everything he wanted to know about this incredible persona.

Longtime B&B fans will recall Sheila then held James hostage in the basement of her home, which provided indelible visuals of Buchanan’s character being constrained in a most unusual fashion. A security guard aided Sheila’s actions in that instance.

James escaped, but Sheila then held a number of other people hostage simultaneously, including Eric (John McCook) before trying to poison herself. Sheila later revealed that she killed her supposedly abusive father by poisoning him when she was a child.

Sheila battled with Maggie (Barbara Crampton) and Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley). Maggie and James later agreed to raise the baby (Mary, later played by Courtnee Draper) that Sheila had through James. That established a link to Amber (Adrienne Frantz), who became Mary’s babysitter. Eventually, Amber and Sheila had a major falling out.

A lengthy arc led to Sheila threatening to kill Stephanie’s grandson Thomas (now played by Pierson Fode). Sheila was arrested and imprisoned, but escaped, shot Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and left town with Mary.

A number of years later Sheila returned to B&B. She convinced Mary, who was renamed Erica, to become involved with Rick (currently played by Jacob Young), who was then married to Amber. Sheila paid Lance (Adam Huss) to become involved with Amber. Sheila turned on Lance and used bees to kill him off. Ridge (then played by Ron Moss) came to expose Mary’s true identity.

Sheila kidnapped Amber. Later, Sheila kidnapped Eric and Taylor (Hunter Tylo). who was shot and initially believed to be dead. Brooke was also shot by Sheila as well. The shootings resulted in Brown’s character’s incarceration. However, Sheila escaped again. This time she was helped by a prison warden, Sugar (Robin Mattson).

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Ridge, Brooke and Nick (Jack Wagner) were kidnapped by Sheila during Ridge and Brooke’s honeymoon. Massimo (Joseph Mascolo), who is Ridge and Nick’s father, arrived to pay requested ransom. However, Sheila revealed that she had a baby, Diana, also known as Daisy (later played by Yvonne Zima) through Massimo.

Brooke and Nick were rescued. Ridge was thought to have been killed by Sheila, but had survived. A few years later, Sheila reappeared in Genoa City on Y&R. Brown was last seen in that role as of 2006.

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As of 2007, Michelle Stafford was believed to have been portraying Sheila in a dual role on Y&R. Plastic surgery was offered as the reason behind the character’s physical transformation. Lauren shot and killed the woman who was believed to be Sheila.

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But Brown’s truly stunning reappearance as Sheila on B&B in June 2017, seems to have reimagined and therefore revived one of the greatest villains in soap opera history.

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