The Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Abby Written Back To Heiress Status – Mal Young Needs To Change To A More Mature Abby

The Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Abby Written Back To Heiress Status – Mal Young Needs To Change To A More Mature AbbyA few years ago it seemed as though Abby (Melissa Ordway) evolved on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But she’s been written back toward heiress status in recent months. When Ordway returns from maternity leave it would be best for Abby and for Y&R’s audience if this character is restored to maturity.

Former co-executive producer and head writer Sally Sussman created Zack (Ryan Ashton) earlier this year. Mr. Stinnett conned Abby into believing that he had a legitimate business idea and later became her soul mate. The decision to concoct ‘Zabby’ didn’t feel right, as it forced Ordway’s character to devolve.

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Devoted Y&R fans recall that Abby finally was allowed to mature when she became involved with Ben (Sean Carrigan). A solid arc was crafted that saw Abby initially beat out Ashley (Eileen Davidson) for ‘Stitch’s’ affection.

‘Stabby’ married, which brought ‘Mad Max’ (Jared Breeze) into the picture. That specific storyline proved to be terrific for Ordway, as Abby handled the miscarriage Max purposely caused and his resultant need for mental health treatment with grace.

Then, confusing scenes were written that caused Abby to suddenly decide that she never loved Ben. ‘Stitch’ was told the marriage was over, Carrigan appeared in a handful of further scenes thereafter and hasn’t been seen since. Carrigan’s photo remains on the main cast page, which means that the well-liked actor should return again at some point.

Emme Rylan played Abby from 2010-2013. She’s since assumed the role of LuLu on ABC’s General Hospital. This actor’s name was referenced because the Abby viewers have been presented with in recent months strongly resembles Rylan’s version, meaning the Lady Godiva Heiress edition. That version of Abby was right for the story in the early part of this decade, but it doesn’t work now.


Ordway delivered her second child earlier this month. She’ll likely return to the show by spring. When that happens, executive producer and head writer Mal Young would be wise to refresh Abby by dropping the Heiress impression. Yes, that would be best for Ordway, Abby and Y&R’s fans.

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