‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Lily Causing Trouble Again – Hilary Appears To Be The Victim

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Lily Causing Trouble Again – Hilary Appears To Be The VictimHey Lily (Christel Khalil), give it a break on ‘The Young and the Restless’. You’re married to a good guy and you have two good children. Your dad Neil (Kristoff St. John) has taken control of his life and is there when you need him. You’ve even managed to luck your way back into the modeling field. Devon (Bryton James) can handle Hilary (Mishael Morgan) without you sticking your nose into his business eight days a week.

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So Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) did the polite thing and asked Devon if it was okay to ask Hilary out for a drink. He agreed and later saw Mrs. Hamilton at The Underground, where Mariah (Camryn Grimes) innocently suggested they go to unwind and watch Open Mic night. Unfortunately, Jordan and Hilary were there as well.

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Yes, Lily is trying to protect her brother. But the approach she often uses regularly wreaks havoc. And, Mrs. Ashby can’t deny that Devon is at least equally responsible (along with Hilary) for keeping ‘Hevon’ alive. Hilary has made her share of mistakes, but Devon is not an innocent party. That’s a point Lily rarely admits when she’s provoking yet another confrontation with her sister-in-law.

Initially Lily accused Hilary of betraying Devon, without knowing what had actually transpired. Then, after both Devon and Hilary left, Lily felt compelled to tell Jordan ‘Hevon’s’ entire history.

Close quarters enabled an modestly awkward situation at the nightclub, but it accelerated into a big deal when Mrs. Know-it-all arrived. Lily looked before she leapt into Devon’s personal life for the umpteenth time. Jordan attempted to leave, saying that things had gotten weird, but he hung around to hear Lily’s latest diatribe. He didn’t want to comment on what he’d heard and instead told Mrs. Ashby that his head was spinning and politely left.

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Personal attacks often make the attacker look bad, regardless of the circumstances. Jordan is new in town and obviously doesn’t want to ruffle feathers, instead he’s begun making friends. Lily’s actions and words actually served to make Hilary look like a victim, which surely kept Genoa City buzzin’ on that night.

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