The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack’s Misguided Idea Creates Consequences – Nikki and Dina Battle

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack's Misguided Idea Creates Consequences - Nikki and Dina Battle Jack (Peter Bergman) thought that his idea was solid on ‘The Young and the Restless’. He took Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) analysis to heart and considered Dina’s (Marla Adams) feelings. That’s why he offered his mother a job at Jabot. Then Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) arrived on Dina’s debut day.

Dina said she wouldn’t mince words. She didn’t like Nikki years ago and her feelings hadn’t changed. Dina remains opposed to Jack and Nikki thumbing their nose at Victor (Eric Braeden).

Nikki didn’t stand for what Dina was saying, offering the former Mrs. Abbott a piece of her high-haired mind. Jack and Nikki appeared to be teenagers while Dina was scolding them. Various Y&R fans have likely experienced similar situations in their own lives.

Meanwhile, viewers recall that ‘Glack’ has been over for awhile, even though Gloria (Judith Chapman) didn’t agree to its end. Dina’s hire therefore serves as another line on Gloria’s list of grievances. That’s why Graham’s (Max Shippee) call and subsequent request will likely be honored. Gloria will keep an eye on Madame Mergeron for Graham because she and her new boyfriend share common interests as of now.

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As for Ashley, she did want Dina to find something to occupy her time in a productive way. But Jack’s plan sent mother in an undesired direction. Ashley, like the viewers, understandably feels that it will only be a matter of time before Dina’s demanding ways create unnecessary problems at the family company.

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However, if Dina is dealing with dementia, in addition to depression (as Ashley has suggested), then that health issue will be more quickly revealed and addressed. Plus, Graham’s influence over Dina will continue to lessen. Possibly he could even be permanently neutralized. That issue alone likely will make the awkwardness worthwhile.

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Dina has a large ego. She’s one of many products of a me, myself and I philosophy that weak-minded people embrace. Self-sacrifice abandoned as a never ending and purposeless search for self-persists. Possibly, this reconnection with her children at work will allow Dina’s eyes to open and her soul to be redeemed.

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