‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Hilary Makes GC Buzz Divorce Settlement Demand

The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Hilary Makes GC Buzz Divorce Settlement DemandSo now Devon (Bryton James) knows what Hilary (Mishael Morgan) wanted instead of his money on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Even though ‘Hevon’ recently had a genuinely honest conversation that ended in an agreement to end their marriage, financial settlement issues were left unresolved. Yes, Hilary rejected the $250 million check she was offered. But now she wants GC Buzz instead.

Her request isn’t outrageous. Devon’s recent purchase of the website resulted in him adding a valuable asset to his portfolio. However, he did want to give Hilary something in the divorce and this request actually makes sense.

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While she had no prior experience as an on-air host, Devon’s selection of his wife as the website’s lead reporter made sense.

She’s smart, driven and attractive. Viewers have embraced her and Hilary likely has found a sustainable career passion.

Choosing a media outlet to channel Hilary’s energies was wise, as Devon knows the love of his life better than anyone. So he should tap his instincts again and let her have GC Buzz, if he’s truly sincere about moving forward with his life.

Hilary is following through with what she originally told Devon when he said he wanted to divorce her. She truly doesn’t want to delay proceedings, bankrupt him or drag him through the mud.

Since Devon doesn’t have a long-term monetary investment in the website and isn’t emotionally tied to it, Hilary’s request isn’t out of line. She’s previously acknowledged that their marriage is over and is simply asking for a fair price in material form.

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Whether ‘Hevon’ should be parting is a worthwhile question. Another is whether Hilary might have conceived Devon’s child? The last query, if true, would create a permanent link between this pair and potentially, a reason to eventually get back together.

Plenty of fodder for Y&R viewers to consider for sure. In the meantime, Genoa City residents will surely keep on buzzin’ about the immediate futures of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton.

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