The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Faith Gives Nick an Earful – Victor Plays Long Game

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Faith Gives Nick an Earful – Victor Plays Long GameFaith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) held her cool for awhile on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Then she finally let Nick (Joshua Morrow) have it. Meanwhile, Victor (Eric Braeden) is staying in touch with his granddaughter and waiting for family chips to fall where they may.

Victor was smart to travel to Faith’s summer camp the night before she was sent to leave. He didn’t want Nick to dump the latest Newman family dysfunction on her after she arrived home. By honestly telling Faith about the so-called changes that happened while she was away the past few months and not trashing Nick, Victor has positioned himself to be Faith’s go-to guy.

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 It’s not that Victor is trying to replace Nick as Faith’s father. Instead, he believes he’s looking out for her best overall interests. Since Lind’s character has Newman genes, Victor also knows that she’s capable of quickly drawing her own conclusions. That’s why he didn’t shade the information he relayed to her in the back of the limo.

Of course, Nick won’t allow his dad’s maneuvers to go unchecked. As soon as he learns what really happened between Faith and Victor another tete-a-tete could easily erupt. That would be more preferable than the public flogging Victor gave Nick in the Newman Towers’ garage, which was then blasted across the internet with the ‘Moustache’s’ approval no less.

All implied character bashing or cheering aside, the best interest of Faith can now be considered at this point in late August. Nick and Sharon (Sharon Case) should retain full decision-making authority over her because they’re this child’s parents. But Faith must retain access to all family members, including Victor, regardless of whatever choices Nick and Sharon make.

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Faith will obviously rebel if Nick either blocks her from seeing his dad or tries to limit her time with him. It’s not out of the question for her to ask to live with Victor at the Ranch. Whether Nick and Sharon would approve of that unorthodox situation again is questionable.

Yes, Victor’s long play was made to keep himself in the game. That’s not how family should operate. But these are the Newman’s and this is Genoa City.

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