The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Abby Wise To Suspect Victoria – Victor Hasn’t Abdicated Yet

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Abby Wise To Suspect Vickie – Victor Hasn't Abdicated YetAbby (Melissa Ordway) isn’t insecure on ‘The Young and the Restless’. She simply recognizes that her dad hasn’t yet made her CEO of Newman enterprises, yet. Plus, her sister’s history with the company and first-daughter-born status continue to cast a long, concerning shadow.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) seems unlikely to ever return to the family business. Poor Adam (Justin Hartley) is dead, or at least is believed to be so. Subtracting those two siblings leaves Queen Victoria (Amelia Heinle) in the equation, regardless of whatever she says.

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Most importantly, there’s no doubt that Vickie’s business acumen is solid. Yes, she’s had numerous personal issues in her life and those have often served to shift her focus from the corporate game. That chink in her armor specifically cost the company when she took charge while Victor was in prison last year.

Per the advice of her father, Vickie recently (and smartly) purchased one hundred percent of Brash and Sassy from Jill (Jess Walton). She opted to go over the one-third share Jill originally offered and therefore reclaimed the throne of the once-Newman division she founded.

Doing so now easily allows Vickie to fold the company back into Newman Enterprises at any time. Would that happen if Abby sat as top dog? That’s highly unlikely. But if Vickie is ever somehow offered the reigns by Newman’s Board of Directors, probably in coordination with her father, would ownership of Brash and Sassy prevent Vickie’s return to the helm? Certainly not.

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Victor is wisely allowing Abby to prove her worth. As long as he’s mentally sharp, the ‘Moustache’ will definitely keep his hands on the wheel. So it could be years until Abby guides this mega-ship on her own. In the meantime, she’ll need to always keep an eye on her sister Victoria.

Sibling rivalries are very real, as many readers would attest. Family loyalty is a Newman trait, as is this clan’s ultra competitive spirit. So it’s likely to be Abby versus Victoria indefinitely.

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