The Young and the Restless RUMOR: Chloe Didn’t Overdose – Dead Woman Rises

The Young and the Restless RUMOR: Chloe Didn't Overdose – Dead Woman Rises

Seeing is not believing on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Viewers know that the “nuclear option”, was invoked by Victor (Eric Braeden) on Y&R this week. That point represents part of the reason why Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) can’t be dead.

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Was there a retrospective recently shown for Hendrickson’s character? Uh, no. But Victor seemed genuinely angry that his plan went awry, so that must mean something? Not necessarily. Dr. Harris (Ron Melendez) could be following the nuclear plan, is working his own angle, or is working with Chloe.

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But, who would be the one most likely to fake a death? Yes, Chloe herself. Doing so would allow her to escape from Victor’s clutches and from her old life forever, or at least indefinitely.

Viewers weren’t allowed to see Chloe ingesting whatever she did. Possibly that only slowed her heart beat. And the shot shown of her lying dead in the morgue, pasty-faced not withstanding, doesn’t confirm that Miss Mitchell has joined Adam in Heaven, or elsewhere.

Consider all, and this scribe does mean all, that was done by this particular character through the years. In particular, Chloe bested the harsh and more mellow versions of Adam on a number of occasions. She also outmaneuvered Victor a number of times. Yes, the ‘Moustache’.

But Adam (most recently played by Justin Hartley) fans should be concerned at this point. If Chloe is actually gone, then the chances of Adam returning in the near future might have been shelved, or never existed.

One of the outstanding issues remaining from last September’s cabin explosion involved viewers needing to know who ruptured the propane line. Chloe recently admitted doing so. Ideas about her having dragged Adam out of the cabin before the boom and then holding him hostage somewhere since will likely go unanswered now.

A rumor in this instance represents speculation. So an out has been given within this digital column. But soap is soap and some some more. To think that Chloe is dead doesn’t seem logical. Right? Unless, she’s just dead for now.

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