The Young and The Restless POLL: Do You Prefer Scott With Or Without A Beard?

The Young and The Restless Poll: Do You Prefer Scott With Or Without A Beard? “The Young and The Restless” ruggedly handsome Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall), with his scruffy beard and medium curly locks, shocked fans today by letting girlfriend Sharon McAvoy (Sharon Case) shave it off. So our question to you is do you prefer the clean shaven Scott or the rugged scruffy Scott? Scott has been the talk of a lot of fans since showing up in Genoa City. Yes, mostly about his appearance. Some prefer the soft scruffy look with his curly locks, and others have voiced being in the corporate world, he needed to have a more clean face business approach.

Scott has made it clear he doesn’t always play by the world rules. Former world journalist that reported from the trenches to a corporate executive at Newman Enterprises. Out of respect and gratitude to Victor for rescuing him by paying his ransom to the terrorist that kidnapped him.

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Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bergman) Scott’s mom wasted no time in looking for something or someone to keep him in the US, better yet Genoa City. Little did she know that would be Sharon McAvoy. Scott and Sharon bonded over coffee at the coffee house, Scott offering to help Sharon with a college paper. That paper leads to many more dates and now they are a hot new couple in Genoa City.

So now that Victor (Eric Braeden) has disowned his son Nick (Joshua Morrow), and the addition of new executes, Victor has decided that new corporate photos for the office are needed. Assigning Abby (Melissa Ordway) to the task of informing all to the new photos, of course, Scott was at Sharon’s when he received the news to show up and look professional. Sharon did not waste the opportunity to be playful with Scott as he let her shave off his beard.

So please take the poll and let us know where you stand. Do you prefer Scott with a beard or without a beard?

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