Coronation Street News: Mary Taylor’s Son Jude Appleton’s Return Date Revealed

Coronation Street News: Mary Taylor's Son Jude Appleton's Return Date Revealed After a long wait fans finally have a return date for Jude Appleton: August 21. That’s the day that Mary Taylor’s (Patti Clare) son arrives in Weatherfield, eager to attend her wedding to Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden). But oh what a tangled web of fibs he’ll find himself in once he lands!

Jude (Paddy Wallace) was last seen at Christmastime, and fans have been eagerly awaiting his return since the news was leaked in April.

Prior to their visit Mary and Jude had been separated since his birth, when the teen mom left him on a set of church steps. Mary was raped by a local minister when she was 14, and she received no support from her family over the pregnancy.

Mother and son had a touching reunion after Mary tracked down his whereabouts, and now it appears Jude is ready to relocate to the cobbles.

When he returns it will be with his wife and their infant, and no doubt Mary will be thrilled to meet her daughter-in-law and grandbaby.

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But what will Jude have to say when he learns that his mother’s wedding is a ruse? Lying to your longlost son really isn’t a good way to start off the relationship, Mary!

To be fair, Mary wasn’t planning on telling Jude the news. She was talking to him online when two talkative kids let it slip that Mary is about to become a Mrs.

Flustered, Mary acknowledges the upcoming nuptials, but stops short of divulging the rest of the story. Well of course, because if those two kids heard the truth, they’d blab to the whole village!

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Mary’s kind-hearted bestie Norris is aghast when he learns that Jude is under the impression that this is to be a true love match, not a marriage of convenience.

Although he insists that she tell the truth, Mary can’t bring herself to tell Jude the 411. Want to bet the rice throwing scenes will be awkward?!

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