‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Alum Victoria Rowell Settles Lawsuit Against ‘Days Of Our Lives’


'The Young And The Restless' News: Alum Victoria Rowell Settles Lawsuit Against 'Days Of Our Lives' In a dramatic, soap opera-like twist, the former, “The Young and the Restless,” star Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla Winters) has terminated her  lawsuit against Sony Pictures and the producer of, “Days of our Lives.”

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the case was dismissed in a surprise move on Monday. Perhaps most surprising is that both parties reached a settlement prior to airing their laundry in court!

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In her suit, Rowell claimed that CBS, Bell Dramatic Serial Company, and Sony (distributor of both Y&R and DOOL), discriminated against the actress due to her comments about racial inequality.

Rowell alleged that TPTB at both soaps refused to employ her because she aggressively promoted increased racial equality in daytime dramas.

A judge dismissed her complaint in November 2015, but allowed Rowell to amend the lawsuit.

Rowell amended her complaint and got mixed results; her case against CBS was disallowed but her complaints against Sony and DOOL were allowed to go forward.

In response, Corday Productions denied any wrongdoing against Rowell. In December the company filed a motion stating that their decision to not hire Rowell after a DOOL audition was not due to her public advocacy stance. Marnie Saitta, the soap’s casting director, gave testimony that indicated Rowell simply was not suited for the role she auditioned for.

She stated that the role of Melinda Trask was not significant nor prominent enough to accommodate Rowell’s talent.

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However, Rowell disagreed with this reasoning, claiming that DOOL ratings were in the basement. She filed a brief contending that the soap did in fact look to hire high profile actors and claimed that Sony was involved in the decision to not hire her.

Rowell and her lawyers claimed that a trial was warranted in order to pursue justice.

But, before the parties could meet in court on Monday, a settlement was reached and the case terminated. Terms of the agreement (other than a waiver of costs) have not been disclosed.

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