The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Pam Foolishly Bonds with Sheila – Friendship Foreshadows Trouble

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Pam Foolishly Bonds with Sheila – Friendship Foreshadows TroubleThe Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Pam (Alley Mills) is being set up by Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to be used. Whether Mills’ character plays out as Charlie (Dick Christie), James (Ian Buchanan), Mateo (Francisco San Martin) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) individually did is a good question.

B&B has applied an interesting formula into Brown’s unexpected return storyline since Sheila returned to Los Angeles in June. While she’s still off-center, Sheila is also older and seems to have lost something on her fastball. Yes, she’s still able to manipulate people and did gain ground on the various versions of her get-Eric(John McCook)-scheme. But each of Sheila’s upset efforts yielded nothing permanent and, in fact, caused her to lose.

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Sheila was nowhere close to becoming Mrs. Eric Forrester again even though Charlie allowed himself to serve as her willing pawn for months, thereby providing information and access.

Sheila’s verbal blackmail worked with James, as he went along with her concussion ruse. But she only remained in the mansion for a handful of days, rather than having used that position to oust Quinn.

The Mateo angle seemed to have possibilities until Quinn said no. In actuality, Mateo was actually falling for Eric’s wife, verses the reverse. Then, Mateo admitted his mistake and helped Queric to take Sheila down.

It seemed like Sheila was being written out of the story, possibly to crossover to Y&R, just prior to Thanksgiving. But there she was again as November was yawning. Miss Carter is still a waitress at the local restaurant that’s located right near Forrester Creations.

Considering Pam’s erratic history, the initiation of arc that pairs her with Sheila is intriguing. Sheila didn’t target Pam, as she simply was eating lunch on the day they agreed to become friends. However, Sheila did sense that this somewhat similar soul might be able to help her get Eric back.

It will be interesting to see what Charlie reveals to Pam once he learns that his significant other is hobnobbing with Sheila. Charlie’s position as Forrester’s head of security could be jeopardized if Eric learned how he helped his ex-wife in the recent past.

Pam’s sensitive position within the company will surely afford Sheila access to useful information. Whether Pam follows in the other character’s footsteps or truly becomes Sheila’s ally, as was implied by the conversation the ladies had, should prove to be engaging.

B&B fans have likely been surprised by Sheila’s lack of progress. That, in and of itself, is actually realistic. So, might Pam’s new connection to Sheila push this storyline in a completely different direction? This is soap, so it’s always useful to keep the audience guessing.


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