Nashville Spoilers: Scarlett’s Baby News Is Out – Juliette’s Paranoia Rises – More Fallout For Maddie

Nashville Spoilers: Scarlett’s Baby News Is Out - Juliette's Paranoia Rises - More Fallout For Maddie“Nashville” spoilers are speculating “Not Ready To Make Nice” S5E16, is drama packed. Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Daphne (Maisy Stella) ended the last episode with a warming sister moment. Maddie asked Daphne to help with a song as she sings her apology and goodbye to Clay (Joseph David-Jones).

Unfortunately, the tender moment between the sisters does not last long as Maddie discovers the meme Liz (Odessa Aldon) made and posted off of Daphne’s laptop. It only fueled the hate on social media towards Maddie.

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) have a difference of opinion, over to handle Hallie’s (Rhiannon Giddens) sound for her album. While Avery is producing, Juliette is managing the artist, Highway 65 signed Hallie for her original sound.

Juliette does not want to take any chances after the gospel album bombed. However, business is not the only thing Juliette is at odds with Avery over. Juliette is uncomfortable with how well Avery and Hallie get along working together. This only feeds Juliette’s paranoia, “You are not fooling anyone,” Juliette is heard saying in the promo.

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“Nashville” spoilers reveal that Maddie is not the only dealing with a media frenzy. Scarlett’s (Clare Bowen) baby news is leaked, with the media initially lead to believe that Gunnar (Sam Palladio) is the baby daddy. We see in the promo during an interview the journalist comes to an Ephiny that Damien (Christian Coulson) is actually the father of Scarlett’s baby. Will Scarlett come clean or lie to try to avoid a scandal?

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