General Hospital Recap Tuesday May 30: Valentin Shot, Rushed To Hospital – Ava Barely Alive – CarSon Has Some Explaining To Do

General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday May 30 GH Recap

Tuesday’s May 30 episode of General Hospital begins with Jason (Billy Miller) telling Jake (Hudson West) it’s time to shut the magic show down and go home. Jake raises the Chimera container as Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) stands up and begs him to turn it off. Valentin wants everyone to leave the room. Jake says no they all have to stay.

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Jake “sees” Helena (Constance Towers) and Jason asks what he is looking at. Jason asks Jake to hand him the canister. Jake tells them that Helena doesn’t want him to. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) tells Jake he is strong and has the power to do the right thing. Helena “tells” Jake to do what he was born to do. Liz realizes Helena is the witch that Jake described. Liz tells Jake that love is stronger than hate. Jake turns the Chimera off and Helena vanishes.

Liz and Franco (Roger Howarth) take Jake to the hospital while Jason stays at the Metro Court. Valentin and Anna (Finola Hughes) talk Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) off the stage.

Nina (Michelle Stafford), Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Laura (Genie Francis) take the girls outside of the ballroom. Laura and Lulu take the girls home while Nina decided to stay. Once they arrive to Lulu’s house Charlotte expresses concern for her Papa. Lulu and Laura reassure them everything will be fine.

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Anna takes the Chimera inside the box and calls the WSB. Nina walks back in the ballroom and Valentin explains what happened. Nina leaves to call the police and security. Nina is on the phone to the police when a thug puts a gun in her back taking her hostage. The two thugs take Nina back inside the ballroom.

They tell Jason they want the Chimera box but he doesn’t have it. Valentin is carrying the Chimera box outside and Anna asks him to turn it over to the WSB. He wants to take care of it himself. Nina calls Valentin and tells him she’s being held hostage. Anna stays outside and gives the WSB the chimera container and asks to go with him to make certain it’s destroyed.

Valentin arrives back to the ballroom with the chimera box. Jason has a thug pointing a gun on him. Valentin gives the box to the thug holding Nina. Valentin pulls Nina close to him. The thugs are opening the box and Valentin tells Nina to run. Jason and Valentin start fighting with the men. Nathan arrives and hugs Nina in the hallway. They walk back in the room and the thugs are gone. Nina hugs Nathan that everyone is okay. She turns around and sees Valentin on the floor bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) leaves Sonny (Maurice Benard) a message to call him. Scott (Kin Shriner) told Dante about Ava (Maura West). Dante wants to handle Ava himself. Dante gets a call about the fire at the warehouse.

Carly (Laura Wright) tells Ava to stop with the fake guilt and calls her a mean horrible women that bullies. Carly yells at Ava to come get her. Sonny pulls Carly away from Ava. As Ava throws the lantern it lands and sets a fire on the floor. Carly falls and Sonny helps her up. Ava pulls a gun on them calling them hypocrites. Sonny and Carly leave. Ava grabs her bag and starts out the back door. The door is blocked so she is unable to open it. She goes back inside to leave the same door Sonny and Carly left but the fire has spread, trapping her.

Sonny and Carly are lost in the smoke and have to turn around. They hear Ava yelling for help. Sonny says they can’t help Ava because they’ll get trapped. Ava passes out from the smoke inhalation and the fire keeps spreading. Once Carly and Sonny are outside, Carly calls 911 and reports the fire.

The fire was already reported and fire department is on their way. Dante arrives and they update him on what happened. Dante doesn’t understand why they didn’t go back and help Ava. Firemen arrive and tells them the fire in contained. Sonny says they’re hands are clean. Carly wants to go home but Dante tells them they have to come to PCPD to give an official statement. The firemen bring Ava out on a cart. They tell Dante that Ava is barely alive.

Amy (Risa Dorken) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) are at Kelly’s discussing the advice column. Nathan tells Amy its false advertising and to kill the blog. She wants him to read the column. Amy thinks she can help his marriage. Nathan says his marriage is fine and they’ll work it out. Amy has to leave for work so Nathan walks her to the hospital.

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Liz and Franco are in the waiting room at the hospital when Amy and Nathan arrive. Franco updates them on what happened. Nathan leaves to go to the Metro Court. Amy tells Liz and Franco that Jake is spending the night. Jake asks if Helena is coming back. They reassure him she is gone for good and get some sleep as they’ll be there the whole night with him.

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