General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Finds An New Friend In Port Charles – CarSon Determined To Make Nelle And Liv Pay [Promo]

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Finds An New Friend In Port Charles - CarSon Determined To Make Nelle And Liv Pay [Promo]We all recently witnessed a lot of chaos going down in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers tease there’s much more where that came from.

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The newest ABC General Hospital video promo teases that “You know what they say about payback, and new plans for the hand that rocked the Corinthos’s clan.” So we have some exciting stuff heading our way.

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In the video, you see Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) finally meeting face to face which ends up in a struggle over a gun, but of course Carly gets her hands on it and this is definitely not good for Olivia being that she killed Carly’s son. Carly is going to be out for payback and ready to take Olivia Jerome out, but will she get the chance before someone stops her?

Not only is Carly out for vengeance but so is Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Between Carly and Sonny, Olivia is going to have a seriously bad day. Olivia is not the only one on their radar either, they still have to deal with Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) and all her wicked ways.

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Across town, you see Nelle Hayes talking to Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) about applying for a job for the nanny position for little Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). It’s very apparent that she has no plans of leaving town. Now, we must wait and see if Nina gives her the job or if someone will warn her of Nelle first.

When Sonny and Carly learn of Nelle’s new plans it will not end well. With their emotions running high because of Olivia Jerome, Nelle just better watch out. She has already caused the two of them enough of heartache as it is and they are definitely not through with her.

So, GH fans are you ready for both Olivia and Nelle to be gone out of Port Charles? Make sure to stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to see what the future holds for them. Don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your latest General Hospital spoilers, news, updates, and much more.

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  1. Elizabeth Healey says

    Yes ready for Olivia, Nelle AND Julian to hit the road, so we can finally see some decent story lines a little more believable then what we have to look at now!

  2. Sheila Lewis-Fitzhugh says

    Not ready for Olivia to be gone, she is too funny but Nelle that’s another story. I never liked that sneaky, conniving, lying homewrecker. All I can say is “Bye Felecia and good riddance” .

  3. Kevin Pham says

    we are going to miss OLIVIA ? ????

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