General Hospital Spoilers Monday May 1: Samira DNA Test Results – Jake Turns On Franco – JaSam Investigate Cassadine Island Mystery

General Hospital Spoilers: Monday May 1st-Quartermaine Test Results are In- Jake Lashes Out- Nelle Levels with Nina – Anna and Valentine Get Closer

General Hospital spoilers for Monday May 1 reveal that the test results are in at the Quartermaine Mansion. Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) holds an envelope in his hand and declares that the results inside are invaluable to the family. Has Tracy Quartermaine filled her son in on the secret paternity test that she had done on Samira Adin (Ivy Natalia)? Will Samira turn out to be a replacement Quartermaine for when Tracy leaves the canvas?

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Jake Webber (Hudson West) continues to show alarming behavior and worries his family. He is seen being very resistant and lashing out at Franco (Roger Howarth) when he attempts to cheer Jake up. Franco is usually one of Jakes’s biggest confidants so naturally Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is surprised and continues to only grow more concerned about her son.

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Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) are going back into PI mode to help solve the mystery of what happened to Jake and Jason on Cassadine Island.

Sam questions why the infamous Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) would bother to give Elizabeth the storybook that seemingly depicts Jake’s time on Cassadine Island if it did not mean something?

Helena loved to play mind games, quite literally, and Jason and Sam are willing to dig deep to get to the bottom of what really happened. Jason may not like what he finds as he struggles to recover his lost memories while under Helena’s mind control.

Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) has asked her nanny, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) to spy on her husband, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and warned that she’d better be good at it.

General Hospital Spoilers: Monday May 1st-Quartermaine Test Results are In- Jake Lashes Out- Nelle Levels with Nina – Anna and Valentine Get Closer

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle seems reluctant to jump back into bad girl mode in order to help Nina. Instead she urges Nina to ask Valentin to tell her the truth. Is that possible for any Cassadine to do? It is unlikely that Nina is willing to take no for an answer with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) always sniffing around her husband.

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Anna and Valentin continue to grow closer as Valentin can’t seem to keep his distance. Anna appears to have hurt herself or could easily be faking in order to draw Valentin further into her orbit. He appears to be genuinely concerned about her which is just want Anna wants. Will Valentin continue to let his past feelings blind him to Anna’s suspicious behavior or will he be the one to outsmart her in the end?

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  1. susan says

    sounds boring….


    well except for the samira results that is

  2. Kevin Pham says

    good for jake he should go back to his father JASON MORGAN because only JASON MORGAN can help him. ??☕️?

  3. Kevin Pham says

    now why is the role of liz not allowed to go to the island this is about her own SON!!…
    LIZ gave birth to LITTLE JAKE.. not SAM….. ??☕️? gawd for bid… smh…! Once again the role of sam takes liz’s spot light… when this story lines doesn’t really have anything to do with SAM… because the story show keeps saying a curse will be broken right…. so therefore shouldn’t the BIRTH MOTHER (LIZ) of LITTLE JAKE investigate too…. =__=…. sigh…. oh well…
    didn’t LIZ go to the island before on behalf of JAKEDOHELENA.. so why is LIZ excluded over the life of her own son…. =__=……….. smh.. oh well.. best wishes…

    1. Wendelyn Sullivan says

      Sam is only trying to help Jason figure out the book. Liz has had that book for awhile and hasnt figured out any clues in it. JaSam work well together in to figuring things out. I am sure if they find something out. They will share it with Jake’s Mom. I read that Jason is going alone to CI. Franco follows him there. Sam and Liz stay Home. Sam with Her Kids. Liz with Hers.

      1. Kevin Pham says

        you: ??☕️?Sam is only trying to help Jason figure out the book. ??☕️?
        me: that’s fine….. SAM can do that!! it doesn’t mean take away the role of LIZ and take away the spotlight over the life of LIZ’s own son WHEN LIZ should be going to this trip her son was kidnapped for 5 years because of SAM’s family.. the CASSIDINES.. so why can’t LIZ go on behalf of her own’s son’s life… that’s injustice.. and the same injustice the characters franco and sam stole from the role LIZ when LIZ was supposed to be the only spotlight role to deal with TOM BAKER and the brother SETH BAKER.. after what TOM they did to LIZ and EMILY… ??☕️???☕️? so why must the role of liz give up it’s own spotlight.. again.. ??☕️?

        you:Liz has had that book for awhile and hasn’t figured out any clues in it.
        me: yeah of course because that was the intent of these writers.. just like it was the intent for FRANCO being thrown into liz’s life leaving nina who only wanted ONE CHILD??☕️?.. while LIZ has three kids…and for 12 months the audience has been forced to stomach the role of franco now being in LIZ’s life and coming near JASON and LUCKY’s sons AIDEN who was kidnapped by franco… and CAMERON and LITTLE JAKE…. so this need of having to blame the character in under capability is involuntarily??☕️? Because that is how the writers demanded the role of liz to operate when it came to this COLORING BOOK.. we all know the real liz would have been allowed to be scripted to figure out this storyline months ago…. because look it how fast these writers engineered the role of LIZ to be GUILD enough to find the truth to prove FRANCO’s underserved innocence of not killing TOM BAKER!…. I just dislike how the writers revamped LIZ’z BACK STORY on that story line… as an agenda for #MAKINGFRANCOGREATAGAIN…. it’s ridiculous.. and we don’t need LIZ to be PUSHED away just for SAM to take LIZ’s spot.. when it comes to LIZ’s own CHILD that she made with JASON!… If this was DANNY who was kidnapped.. and SAM wanted answers and a CONCLUSION and JUSTICE!! Why would LIZ be anywhere near the almighty jasam couple!!!?!?! EXACTLY!! ??☕️?…. So why are the writers making the character LIZ away not involved in finding out what’s wrong with her own biological SON back on CASSIDINE ISLAND…!!
        you: JaSam work well together in to figuring things out.
        me: of course this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE??☕️? the writers since 2004 have always catered to the ALMIGHTY JASAM FANBASE it’s 2017… we think it’s time for a little REVAMPING when it comes to MOTHERS and SONS……. we will never forget how the writers made jASON MORGAN treated Courtney that was just horrible weird ??☕️?!
        you: am sure if they find something out.
        me: of course you do..??☕️?. this is the same recycled storyline where only JASAM can CLICHE go on adventures.. while others are not allowed to GOOO!! When LIZ has every right to be there and it’s unfair that LIZ can’t go and find out what’s wrong with her own son.. it’s BOGUS..really ??☕️?.. but that’s the NEW GH STORYLINE i guess..
        you: They will share it with Jake’s Mom.
        me: LIZ should be there first HAND!! ??☕️?. Liz is strong she can be there she was locked up and kidnapped in a crypt with poisonous gas for more than 5 episodes and LIZ carried and treated a shot wounded JASON MORGAN during a cross fire man hunt between LORENZO’s alchzar’s men, RICK LANCISING, and the PCD during 2006 on the night LIZ found jason at a CHURCH!! And LIZ aided and abedded and kept JASON under lock and key!! LIZ can handle going back to CASSIDINE ISLAND as she went last time on the behalf for JAKEDOHELENA SAGA on HELENA’s death scene where she cursed SAM.. ??☕️? and last time let’s not forget how JASON MORGAN lied to LIZ about SONNY faking his death and LIZ lied about JAKE’s DO identity. they are EVEN STEVEN they are both good at what the he do and keeping everyone fooled ??☕️? other than that LIZ has had a brother for a gangster since her childhood, LIZ can handle herself lets not forget all the instance of lIZ helping jason morgan as decoy to get through everything since 1998-2001 and then 2006-2009 She even lied on the oath to protect JASON and her son, LIZ has paid HOMAGE and GAINED MERIT and BATTLE SCARS liz was ran down and shot up more than ONCE on this show and fell down a flight of stairs LIZ can go to this Cassindine island she went last time during NOV 2015 and she can easily go again for the sake of her own SON’s life that is her right!!
        you: I read that Jason is going alone to CI. Franco follows him there. Sam and Liz stay Home. Sam with Her Kids. Liz with Hers.
        me: i really hope that’s not true,??☕️? it’s not fair that the role of LIZ cannot be allowed to stand up and fight for her son when it comes to issues like this, LIZ has every right to go she shouldn’t even have to turn to JASON or FRANCO, just to help her own son..??☕️? and it’s even more ridiculous that the role of liz had to be in relationship with franco first in order to begin the process and procedures necessary to make sure she can find the right treatment therapy little jake needs in order to seek treatment to help her son! For 11-12 months we see no progress of franco doing his job to help little jake but FRANCO helped himself into a relationship with LIZ….. that was so.. crude…. to watch…! Women are strong independent powerful and empowering life forms so it’s just hypocritically convoluted to see the role liz not stepping up, as she was hindered and not permitted to do so before thanks to JASON MORGAN!!
        hopefully these writers clear this mess up. The role of liz should not ONCE AGAIN lose and MISS this moment of empowerment to aide in showcasing how to invest and help her son and finding out first hand to know what in general went on in CASSIDINE ISLAND! The audience has seen both CARLY and and ALEXIS were allowed to go to the source of their own CHILDREN’s pain when both MICHAEL and KRISTINA were both suffering!! Hell CARLY almost married the source… remmber franco the man who had MICHAEL raped in jail.. ??☕️? So why can’t live be allowed to step up and go to CASSIDINE ISLAND it’s just ridiculous to acknowledge the defection in this story line!!
        So the character SAM or JASON has no right to take that again from the role of LIZ. It’s about time the role of LIZ stands up to set the event on a situation like this!! Yes, hopefully these writers will pan this out for all of us to agree on.??☕️?
        Bon voyage

          1. Kevin Pham says

            lol ??☕️?

  4. Darlene Young says

    Sam shouldn’t be involved with Jake and Jason at all ! Jake belongs toLiz and Jason, not Sam. She en always has to be where she doesn’t belong. Wise up writers . G. H. isn’t like it use to be!!

    1. Linda Bonsignore says

      That is absolutely correct Sam has no Bussiness poking her nose where Jake is concerned, she is not his mother Liz is. Sam needs to mind her own affairs, she is always acting as though she has a legal claim because she is Jasons wife. I think she forgets Liz is Jakes mom not her

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