General Hospital Recap Wednesday May 31: Kiki Learns Identity Of Burn Patient – Nina Discovers Disturbing Truth – Valentin Headed To Prison

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday May 31 GH Recap

Wednesday’s May 31 episode of General Hospital begins with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) in bed in their hotel room. Jordan gets a text from Anna (Finola Hughes) about a “classified event”. Jordan leaves for work and tells Curtis she’ll make this up to him.

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Later Curtis puts the food service items outside the room and Grace walks by. She asks him out for drinks but he declines. She tells him to wish her luck tomorrow because she may be his new neighbor.

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) at the hospital waiting for surgery for his gun shot wound. He’s glad Nina (Michelle Stafford) is safe.

Nina says he loves her enough to sing a song in front of everyone and saved her life. He tries to tell her about his past with the Chimera but she doesn’t care.

Nina leaves to check on Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Nina sees Nathan (Ryan Paevey) at the elevator and tells him she’s on her way to check on Charlotte. Nathan tried to update her on Valentin’s involvement but Nina will catch up with him later.

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Nathan’s at the hospital on the phone with Anna (Finola Hughes) as she tells him the Chimera was destroyed. Anna finishes the call and tells Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Laura (Genie Frances) about Valentin being shot and how he sold the Chimera to Helena.

Anna leaves to check on Valentin. Laura tells Lulu not to feel guilty if Valentin doesn’t live through the surgery. Nina arrives and Lulu tells her that Charlotte is asleep. As Nina starts to describe Valentin as a hero they stop her.

Laura updates Nina on how Valentin stole the Chimera and sold it to Helena. He’s the reason everyone could have died tonight. Nina realizes it was him and the fallout for his poor choices. Nina will have someone call them with an update on Valentin. Nina goes outside and is visibly shaken.

Anna arrives to the hospital and updates Nathan on the Chimera and how WSB destroyed it and it’s no longer a threat to anyone. Jordan arrives and Anna updates her on all the Chimera events. Nathan tells Anna he has update on Valentin’s surgery. Anna goes in to see Valentin telling him the bullet didn’t hit any major organs. The chimera is destroyed. The WSB has Alex (Finola Hughes) in custody, he’ll be charged with treason and probably sent to prison for the rest of his life. Anna touches his hand.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) questions Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) at the PCPD and asks if they want to contact their attorney. Carly says they have nothing to hide and tells Dante how Ava switched Morgan’s medicine causing him to spiral out of control. Sonny tells Dante how Ava pulled a gun on them after she admitted tampering with the medicine.

Carly goes into detail how Ava threw the lantern setting the room on fire. Dante finishes obtaining the official statement and leaves. Sonny tells Carly not to waste compassion on Ava. Sonny hopes Ava goes to prison while Carly acknowledges the grief isn’t easier and Morgan is still gone. Carly leaves for home as they wish each other to take care.

Kiki (Hayley Erin) leaves Ava (Maura West) a voicemail to return her call. Dillon arrives to the hospital and gives Kiki a thermos of coffee. She tells him about a burn patient in the ER and she has to work longer hours tonight. Kiki mentions how weird Ava acted as they left the Nurses Ball. Dillon reminds Kiki it’s not her job to fix Ava. Epiphany (Sonja Eddy) walks up and tells Kiki the burn patient in ER is Ava. Ava suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 50% of her body. Kiki isn’t permitted to see Ava due to infection control.

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Dante arrives to the hospital and tells Kiki how Ava had a confrontation with Carly and Sonny. He explains Ava replaced Morgan’s medicine causing him to spiral out of control. Kiki becomes distraught as Dillon tries to comfort her.

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