General Hospital Recap Wednesday, July 5: Sonny Gives Jason Big News – Stella Collapses – Sam Hallucinates Stabbing Sonny

General Hospital Recap Wednesday, July 5: Sonny Gives Jason Big News - Stella Collapses - Sam Hallucinates Stabbing Sonny
General Hospital’s Monday, July 5, 2017 begins with Sonny (Maurice Benard) at his restaurant looking over papers and thinking he has found an exit from the MOB. Later Jason (Billy Miller) arrives after receiving Sonny’s text. Sonny informs Jason he’s getting out of the business. Sonny doesn’t expect Jason to take over. He’ll find a successor.

Sam Morgan

Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason are at the hospital waiting for her appointment. Jason gets a text from Sonny asking if he’s free. Dr. David Bench (James De Paiva) arrives telling Sam he’s ready to see her. Sam tells Jason to go see what Sonny wants while she’s in the appointment.

Sam tells Dr. Bench she and Jason have been having disagreements. She’s been short tempered and Jason thinks there is something wrong Dr. Bench says lack of sleep can cause one to be short tempered. Sam admits something else could be wrong. Sam hears her voice saying “watch yourself, they’ll take you away and you can’t protect Jason from Sonny”. Dr. Bench mentions postpartum depression but Sam says she’s not depressed. Sam’s blood tests results come back she’s low on iron which can cause fatigue. Sam “sees” Sonny again, telling her not to believe this doctor and they can’t fix what’s wrong with her. Dr. Bench tells Sam he’ll see her in two weeks and leaves. Sam starts to leave the room and sees a scalpel on the table.

Jordan Ashford

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) tells Curtis (Donnell Turner) that Dr. Obrecht is locked up and awaiting arraignment. She jokingly tells Curtis she has to arrest him. They agree to go out for one drink but nothing else. Later after being intimate Jordan tells Curtis it was mistake. Curtis reassures Jordan that Stella will eventually come around and he can handle it.

Molly Lansing-Davis

Molly (Hayley Pullos) tells Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) not to mention to Stella (Vernee Watson) about Julian (William deVry). TJ (Tequan Richmond) and Stella arrive. Stella is disappointed Curtis couldn’t make it and mentions them going through a rough patch. Alexis mentions that Jason works with Curtis and he’s a stand up guy. Later Stella and Alexis are leaving the Metro Court when Curtis and Jordan walk in. Curtis admits he’s made a mistake giving in to Stella’s every wish but he and Jordan are together. Stella claims it’s disrespectful. Curtis tries to reassure Stella he loves her but she has to accept the fact he’s staying with Jordan. As Jordan is suggesting they try to respect each other Stella collapses on the floor.

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Andre Maddox

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) and Anna (Finola Hughes) finish dancing and share a kiss. Anna invites him to her place. Andre doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Anna gets a call from Nina and leaves. Later Anna arrives to the hospital and asks Andre if they could pick up where they left off.

Nina Reeves

Nina (Michelle Stafford) gets a call from Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) saying there isn’t going to be a trial. The WSB doesn’t want the publicity over the Chimera being stolen and they’re going to make him disappear. He tells Nina if anyone asks he’s been arrested and cut him out of her life. He’ll do what he can to protect Nina and won’t call her again. Anna arrives after receiving Nina’s call. Nina updates her on Valentin’s call. Anna insists the WSB would not make Valentin disappear and if he calls again just don’t take the call. Nina reflects when Valentin gave her the wedding rings and decides to take them off.

Valentin Cassadine

Valentin writes Nina a letter telling him how much he loves her and asks she keep loving Charlotte. Nina is the greatest thing to happen to him. The WSB agent arrives. Valentin asks him to make sure Nina gets the letter. The agent says it’s not his job and handcuffs Valentin. Valentin tells the agent lets get on with this before he loses his nerve.

Jason Morgan

Jason arrives to the hospital looking for Sam but she has already left. Sam arrives to see Sonny. Sonny explains Jason left to pick her up. Sam says its okay she came to see him and bring a gift. Sam starts violently stabbing Sonny with the scalpel.

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