‘General Hospital’ Recap Wednesday February 22: A Gun Is Drawn – Sparks Fly For One Couple – Someone Goes MIA

'General Hospital' Recap Wednesday February 22: A Gun Is Drawn - Sparks Fly For One Couple - Someone Goes MIAGeneral Hospital episode airing on Wednesday February 22 kicks off with Carly (Laura Wright) leaving Nelle (Chloe Lanier) a voicemail, thanking her for all of her help with this cabin surprise for Sonny. Carly assumes Nelle isn’t answering due to spotty reception at the cabin.

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Sonny Corinthos And Jason Morgan

Sonny walks in as she finishes the call. Carly said she has errands to run and will catch up with him later for his surprise. Sonny immediately calls Jason and says “We need to talk”. Jason (Billy Miller) is at GH where Monica (Leslie Charleson) gave him a baby blanket that Lila made for him. Jason mentions Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) appointment confusion and she is now on her way home.

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Hayden Barnes and Tracy Quartermaine

Monica leaves and enters Tracy’s (Jane Elliott) office where Hayden (Rebecca Budig) informs them GH can remain open. Hopefully at tomorrow’s board meeting they have enough board members on their side to vote Q’s purchase of GH to save it from developers.  Hayden says she’ll send Dr. Finn a message of this information so he can return back to Port Charles. Later Hayden mentions to Tracy that Finn couldn’t be reached and he canceled his hotel reservation.

'General Hospital' Recap Wednesday February 22: A Gun Is Drawn - Sparks Fly For One Couple - Someone Goes MIA

Carly Corinthos and Bobbie Spencer

Carly arrives to her office to find Bobbie finishing a call to Felecia. Carly didn’t hear Bobbie asking if she found any info in Georgia on Nelle. Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) mentions to Carly all the mail on her desk. Carly decides not to open the mail, missing the envelope Nelle sent. Bobbie says its a great idea to get to spend time with Sonny. Carly mentions the cabin only for Bobbie to inform her of the blizzard. Carly is able to reach the care taker, who explains Nelle is in the cabin safe.

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Michael Corinthos and Nelle Hayes

Michael (Chad Duell) asks Nelle if the hot bath helped warm her up. The fire should help too. He leans in to kiss her and she pulls away. He apologizes for the awkward position he just put them in since they’ll be in the cabin for at least another 24 hours. He mentions how she keeps people away from her. Nelle says it’s to protect herself. Michael gently says “but you’re also keeping good people at bay.”  Nelle says she has to and won’t let anything stand in her way of getting what she wants. Nelle eventually says she’ll start on a new path in life. Michael hopes he’s part of that path.

Julian Jerome and Ava Jerome

Jason arrives at Sonny’s house to discuss Ava. Jason called Spinelli asking for assistance in finding any information online regarding Liv Jerome (Tonya Walker). Sonny says what if you’re wrong and it’s just Ava. Julian arrives to see Ava in PCPD Jail. She begs him to tell the authorities she was not the person he was talking to in the video. Julian says he can’t, but all will make sense soon. Alexis will explain it to her. Ava reminds him how much Alexis hates her. Ava is relentless and as Julian is ready to tell her everything until the picture of Sam and Liv in her car arrives via text. he receives a picture of Sam via text. Ava becomes enraged and tells him he is dead to her now.

'General Hospital' Recap Wednesday February 22: A Gun Is Drawn - Sparks Fly For One Couple - Someone Goes MIA

Olivia Jerome and Sam Morgan

Liv is driving as she tells Sam about her family and how she reinvented herself. Becoming sober was a defining moment. Sam notices the charm hanging on Liv’s rear view mirror and says “reincarnation”. Liv asks if she’s familiar with Chinese culture. Sam says yes and mentions her wedding to Jason at the Chinese Restaurant and the phoenix and the dragon symbols. Sam doesn’t notice Liv taking a picture of them with her phone. Sam starts to feel uncomfortable and asks Liv to pull over.

Liv accommodates, suggesting Sam shouldn’t go to her friends house on the other side of the footbridge. Sam insists and exits the car. Sam scurries to the footbridge and dials Jason but drops the phone. As she bends down to pick it up Liv kicks it away. Sam says fine you can give it to my Mother the next time you see her and starts to leave. Liv pulls a gun and tells Sam to stop. Sam turns around to see Liv pointing a gun at her. Tomorrow on General Hospital spoilers tease that Liv tells Sam she’s tired of Sam having everything while she gets nothing.

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