General Hospital Recap Tuesday March 28: Blackmail, Shocking Revelations, A Proposal, And Ghosts

General Hospital Recap Tuesday March 28: Blackmail, Shocking Revelations, A Proposal, And GhostsTuesday’s March 28 episode of General Hospital begins with Dr. Obrect (Kathleen Gati) handing Anna (Finola Hughes) the file on Valentin (James Patrick Stewart). Anna reads the information and goes to see Andre (Anthony Montgomery). Anna informs Andre she isn’t the same person she was years ago while in the WSB. She decided to be a double agent and had to go underground. She couldn’t raise Robin. Andre feels Anna judges herself too harshly. Maybe Valentin is lying about the past.

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Anna decides to see Valentin and informs him they’ve both been played. Valentin tells her he was a rising star she tracked down and persuaded him to get information for her. Anna insists that wasn’t her. Valentin shouts: “Yes it was! Right after you slept with me”!

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Ned (Wally Kurth) mentions ELQ to Tracy (Jane Elliott).Tracy isn’t worried about how Michael (Chad Duell) is running it. Tracy is distracted wondering what Larry Ashton (Oliver Muirhead) was meaning about Edward Quartermaine. Ned warns Tracy it’s just another con.

Tracy goes upstairs to see Larry. Larry informs Tracy about being in Turkey recently and saw a painting belonging to J.L. Holt aka Edward Quartermaine. Larry wants Tracy to go half with him to purchase the painting. Tracy refuses to play this time with Larry and starts walking out. Larry yells “think about what your father would want”.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) staggers to the door and no one is there. She goes back to her glass of vodka saying if Julian (William deVry) is still alive come stop her from drinking. Knock at the door so she hides the bottle and her glass in the cabinet.

Alexis opens the door to Valentin. He tells Alexis he is sorry about her deceased husband. He wants to reconnect with his remaining family and mentions the Keys to the Cassidine Estate. Alexis isn’t interested in making nice with him. Valentin states Charlotte could use a friend and mentions Danny. Alexis reminds him Rocco is Charlotte’s sibling. Valentin is frustrated with Alexis refusal and starts to leave. He opens the cabinet and sets the bottle on the shelf telling her to go back to her friend.

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Alexis starts to pour herself a drink but another knock at the door. It’s Julian this time. Alexis says you’re not real. Julian doesn’t want her to drink. Alexis feels if he were honest at the beginning she wouldn’t be drinking. Julian did what he did to save his family. Julian admits he’s not real; this is Alexis yelling at herself to stop drinking. He reminds her how much she has to live for. Alexis starts to kiss him and realizes she’s’ standing in doorway of her front door. She grabs the bottle and pours it on the ground.

Lucy (Lynn Herring) starts to tell Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) about Ava switching Morgan’s medicines when Ava walks in and interrupts. Ava lies and says she wants to discuss preschool for Avery. Ava informs Lucy that she would like to make a sizeable donation to the Nurses Ball this year. Lucy is interested. Ava grabs her by the arm and drags her outside.

Ava and Lucy are at the Metro Court discussing the price to keep Lucy quiet. Ava writes a number on a slip of paper. Lucy says add a zero and you have a deal. Ava doesn’t have that kind of money right now and will take couple days to get it. Lucy wants it now or she’ll tell Sonny about the meds. Lucy leaves. Ava agrees and wonders how she’ll get that huge amount in short period of time.

Tracy approaches Ava and says she needs her help getting a painting. Ava says she’ll do it for a price.

Sonny tells Carly if she’s not going to give him a chance then their marriage is done for good. They continue to argue over Nelle. Sonny finally says: “if this is want you want there’s the door”. Carly replies: “this is me walking out now and I’m not coming back”! Sonny throws a glass against the way when she shuts the door.

Laura (Genie Frances) tells Lulu (Emme Ryan) to make friends with Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and they’ll have an ally under Valentin’s roof. Lulu says “or a spy”.

Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) walks over and tells Ned she has a proposal for him. She would like him to adopt Leo. Ned isn’t good enough to marry so why would he want to adopt Leo. Olivia says a marriage license is a guarantee they have no future. Ned tells Olivia he’ll be at the Floating Rib tonight and will propose again. He’ll accept her reply as his final answer. He kisses her and leaves.

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