General Hospital Recap Thursday March 16: A Letter From The Dead – Griffin Mysteriously Ill – Valentin And Nina Victorious


General Hospital Recap Thursday March 16: A Letter From The Dead - Griffin Mysteriously Ill - Valentin And Nina Victorious Thursday’s March 16 episode of General Hospital begins with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) informing Lulu (Emme Ryan) and Laura (Genie Frances) that Diane (Carolyn Hennessey) will meet them at the court house for the custody hearing. Lulu is not worried and very hopeful they’ll win full custody. Laura agrees there is hope. Lulu walks to the door. Laura confides in Dante she’s worried what Lulu will do if she doesn’t get custody today.

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Andre (Anthony Montgomery) tells Dr. Griffin Munroe (Matt Cohen) he came in early to the hospital this morning to check on patients after the bomb scare. Griffin sneezing but insists it’s just an allergy issue. Andre tells him to take care of himself and leaves.

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Franco (Roger Howarth) arrives to Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) house with a duffle bag full of toys to entertain the boys while she’s at work. Franco feels this will be a good time to do art therapy with Jake. Jake comes downstairs and is happy to see Franco is their sitter today. Liz leaves for work. Jake is glad Franco brought the marshmallow gun and wants to play with it. Franco has other ideas. Franco takes out 2 large rolls of paper and hands one to Jake. They use them as swords.

Franco later tells Jake to draw something happy from his past. Jake draws one long line down the paper. Franco tries again to get Jake to draw more. Jake picks up a black crayon and draws a door. Franco inquires what the door represents but Jake insists he’s tired and wants something from the kitchen.

Liz arrives to work and hears Griffin sneezing. She insists he’s sick. Liz takes his temperature and it’s elevated. She instructs him to go home and take care of himself. Griffin tells Liz patients are lucky to have her as their nurse.

Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and Valentin (James Patrick Stewart) are at the court house. Charlotte worried that Nina (Michelle Stafford) is upset with her.  Valentin reassures her Nina is upset with him, not her. Nina arrives to court. Charlotte gives her a big hug and hopes she’s not upset with her. Nina tells her no matter what happens between she and Papa, she will always love her very much. Valentin tells Charlotte it’s time to see the doctor.

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Valentin sits with Nina while Charlotte is in with the doctor. Nina has been staying with her brother Nathan. Valentin misses her and feels they belong together. Nina makes him feel loved and insecure because of his past with Anna. Valentin says he is a different man now and only interested in her. Nina agrees to move back in with him.

All parties arrive for the custody hearing. Nora (Hillary B. Smith) tells Valentin and Nina they have nothing to worry about while Diane says the same to Lulu and Dante.

Judge announces it’s time to hear from the doctor that interviewed Charlotte. Dr. Andre Maddox walks in to give his testimony. Andre informs the court that Charlotte has suffered a great loss when her mother died; compounded with learning Lulu is her biological Mom. Andre recommends Valentin keep full custody but Lulu have supervised visits. Judge thanks him and calls for a recess. Lulu approaches Andre and reminds him Valentin killed her brother. Andre was hired for his professional opinion on Charlotte and that’s what he gave.

Judge returns and announces her decision. Charlotte will remain in Valentin’s custody but Lulu will have supervised visits. This case will be evaluated again in 6 months. Lulu is upset and sobbing. Diane reassures Lulu she still gets to establish a relationship with Charlotte.

Valentin thanks Nora and says she lives up to her reputation. Charlotte walks up to Valentin. He picks her up and says we’re going to celebrate the most precious thing, our family. Valentin takes Nina by the hand as they exit the court room.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) hugs Sam (Kelly Monaco) in her hospital room. Alexis mentions Scout. Sam says she’s a tough cookie just like her Grandma.  Sam asks Alexis if anything is wrong. Alexis informs her that Julian (William deVry) is dead. Alexis updates Sam on Liv (Tonja Walker) taking her hostage, handcuffing her to the footbridge. She goes on to explain about Liv shooting the gun and Julian fell into the river presumed dead. PCPD called divers off this morning.

Sam isn’t too upset Liv killed Julian. Alexis is lucky to be alive and Julian saved her life. Sam blames Julian for what happened to her and Scout. Alexis becomes angry and snaps at Sam that Julian is her father. Alexis quickly apologizes and starts crying. Sam is concerned Alexis has softened toward Julian and will rationalize all the terror of his actions. Alexis wants an explanation and feels it’s time to open the letter Julian gave her. Liz walks in and Alexis leaves. Liz gives Sam a baby album as a gift.

Alexis places the lock box key on the table. She picks up the letter from Julian and decides to read it.

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