‘General Hospital’ Recap Monday March 6: Two Fierce Women Go Head To Head – Liv’s Sinister Plan Takes Shape – Griffin’s In Serious Danger

'General Hospital' Recap Monday March 6: Two Fierce Women Go Head To Head - Liv's Sinister Plan Takes Shape - Griffin's In Serious Danger Monday’s General Hospital episode begins with Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) ordering a drink and starts chatting with Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) not realizing she’s actually her lawyer opponent in court in a few hours.

Diane and Nora

Diane mentions child custody case she has today and prefers not to do these types of cases. Nora says sounds as if she (Nora) has a fight on her hands. Diane says “yes and I intend to win”.

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Nora mentions she read Diane’s book. Diane is impressed and says her clients keep her so busy she has no time to write. Nora asks how one can win a custody battle. Diane says by painting your client having the best interest in the child.

Laura (Genie Francis) and Lulu (Emme Ryan) walk up to Diane and Nora. Diane stands up and says meet my new friend but quickly realizes she doesn’t know Nora’s name. Valentin (James Patrick Stewart) walks up to Nora and says hello Mrs. Buchanan. Diane of course realizes she’s been talking strategy with her opponent. Nora mentions compromise is name of the game and walks away. Diane informs them that Valentin has a very good lawyer but fortunately they have a better one. Lulu gets a text from Maxie that Nina and Valentin’s marriage is on the rocks. Diane wants to capitalize on it. Laura excuses herself and gets on the elevator.

Franco and Liz

Franco (Roger Howarth) & Liz (Rebecca Herbst) are standing in the hospital parking garage discussing Liv Jerome. Liz feels safe with Franco walking her to the door. Liz asks Franco to pick her up at 6pm, end of her shift. Franco mentions to Liz that Jake has unresolved issues from being on Cassidine Island with Helena. Liz doesn’t agree and says Jake just needs to be a little boy right now. Franco explains how Jake told him Helena put a very bad curse on Sam. Liz leaves to go inside.

A Few minutes later Liz arrives back in the parking garage and runs into Franco standing beside Liv’s car. He took the parking garage attendant job. She left her phone in his car and came down to get it. He hands her the phone as he was bringing it to her. They kiss and heard a moan from the car. The car alarm goes off and Liz and Franco work to open the trunk. Franco finds unconscious Julian in the trunk.

Nora and Valentin

Nora tells Valentin that Diane is going to come at them with everything she has. He and Nina need to present themselves as a united couple. She wants to brief Nina before the hearing. Valentin says he’s not sure Nina is going to be there at all today. Nora instructs Valentin to apologize to Nina and fix whatever is broken. He isn’t sure he can accomplish that task at this point. Nora warns he’ll get shared custody or lost custody completely.

Nina and Valentin

Nina (Michelle Stafford) is on phone in her office busy giving orders when Valentin walks in. He gently takes the phone from her hand and says Nina will have to call you back in a few minutes. He asks why she didn’t come home last night. Valentin gives Nina a drawing Charlotte made for her. Nina loves being her step Mom but doesn’t love him keeping secrets from her. Valentin tells Nina they need to present a united front in a few hours for the custody hearing. Nina says he is impossible to read however she wears (her) heart on her sleeve.

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She’s mad and hurt because of his decision not to press charges against Anna. She fears doing more harm than good at today’s hearing. Valentin suggests Nina think of them in the future as a family. Valentin leaves and Nina flashes back to him saying “I love you”.  Nina calls Charlotte and apologizes for not tucking her in last night. Grown up issues. Charlotte wants Nina to make it up to her right now by singing a lullaby. Nina’s voice cracks as she sings. She finishes the call. Laura walks in saying she has a proposition for her.

Dante and Anna

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) arrives to find Anna (Finola Hughes) in her hospital room all dressed and packing up the rest of her belongings. He reminds her she’s ill and can’t just leave the hospital. Anna ask what would he prefer she do?  Just sit here and wait for Liv Jerome (Tonya Walker)? Dante is concerned Liv is out to get Anna. Anna suggests they use her as bait to bring Liv out of hiding. Dr. Griffin Munroe (Matt Cohen) walks in her room. Dante says he has to leave for his custody battle hearing. Griffin tells Dante to give Valentin hell.

Anna tells Griffin that Robin’s safety is her top priority. Anna informs Griffin how Liv arranged for the elevator to crash causing her to lose the baby. Anna has to stop Liv before she hurts Robin..  Liz walks in saying she has important information on Julian. Griffin tells Anna to be careful. Anna asks him to send Robin to her room as soon as he sees her.  Anna is sitting beside Julian’s hospital bed saying he has 9 lives. She doesn’t understand why Liv would leave him alive. Griffin isn’t sure either. Anna is grateful Liv doesn’t know he is is Duke’s son. Griffin leaves her room. Julian wakes up and tells Anna that Liv is alive and has been in town this whole time.

Liv Jerome and Robin

Liv Jerome wakes Robin (Kimberly McCulloch) up as she’s asleep sitting in a chair while handcuffed hands are chained to a pipe in the basement. Liv removes the cloth she wrapped around Robin’s mouth. Robin asks what she intends to do. Liv explains this has to do with Duke’s death. Liv is holding blue prints and touching the walls. She has to right Julian’s wrong. Death is a failure of perception Liv tells Robin. Robin asks you want to resurrect Duke in the basement? Liv says we’re in a boiler room, don’t be silly. Liv pushing on the wall and it opens up. Liv says this is the passageway to the lab where Helena had Stavros brought back to life.

Liv leads Robin by the chain hooked to her handcuffs, into the lab area. Old machines are still standing that Robin is familiar with however they aren’t functional. Robin explains that Stavros wasn’t actually deceased. The machines kept him alive. Duke was cremated to no way to bring him back to life. Liv starts to cry and tells Robin she disappoints her. Liv starts digging in her bra and pulls out a glass vial of Duke’s hair. She tells Robin that can use that to bring Duke back to life.

Robin is empathic as she lost her first true love too but Duke would want her to be happy. Liv feels it’s impossible to be happy without Duke. Robin says sure you can be happy, let me show you and touches the glass vial. Liv accidentally drops it on the floor. Liv screams “look what you made me do”! Liv is on the floor trying to scrap up each piece of Duke’s remaining DNA.  Robin caused her to ruin every piece of Duke she had. Robin mentions the memories of Duke. Liv realizes Duke’s son is alive and in town.  Griffin is on the elevator picking up the papers he dropped. Liv gets on the elevator and asks which floor. He looks up and realizes he met her earlier. She looks at him and says “Oh those eyes” as she touches his face.

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