General Hospital Recap Monday March 13: Julian Trades His Life For Alexis – Jason And Curtis Save GH – CarSon Vows Revenge

General Hospital Recap Monday March 13: Julian Trades His Life For Alexis - Jason And Curtis Save GH - CarSon Vows RevengeMonday’s March 14 episode of General Hospital begins with Sonny (Maurice Benard) at Morgan’s grave. Sonny says “you’re killer is going to be brought to justice”. He’s uncertain how they’ll prove who the actual killer is. Sonny talks about hurting Carly (Laura Wright), they split up but don’t hold it against her. It’s his fault. He did a very bad thing. He admits he did something stupid and managed to hurt Carly again.

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Carly & Sonny Corinthos

Carly walks up carrying flowers to put on the grave. Sonny says he should be talking to her about forgiveness.  He’s sorry for what happened with Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Carly screams she doesn’t care about Nelle, my son is dead! Sonny corrects her and says “our son”. Carly is upset that he would not tell her the truth, allowing Nelle to still be in their lives. Sonny tells Carly he’ll leave so she can be alone with Morgan. Carly talks at Morgan’s grave site saying things have gotten so much worse.

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Olivia & Julian Jerome

Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) calls Ava (Maura Wright) and tells her to put their worthless brother on the phone. Julian (Willliam DeVry) takes the phone, Liv tells him she has something more valuable than Ava and get to the footbridge now.  Julian hangs up and refuses to tell Ava what’s going on. He loads the clip into his gun and heads for the footbridge.

Julian arrives to the footbridge to find Alexis waking up handcuffed to the footbridge. He starts to free her but Liv puts a gun in his back. Julian demands Liv release Alexis as she has nothing to do with this. Liv feels she does as he killed Duke so he’s going to kill Alexis. Julian says he doesn’t care about Alexis. Liv doesn’t believe him and hands him the gun. Julian tells Alexis he’s sorry and fires the gun. He shoots the handcuffs telling Alexis to run. Alexis jumps up and starts running as she hears another gun shot. She stops and turns around to find Liv holding the gun on the footbridge looking down. Julian isn’t on the footbridge.

Ava & Carly

Ava calls Carly at Morgan’s grave site. Ava is looking for Sonny so she can see Avery and she’s wondering if Carly is at his home. Carly snaps no she isn’t, she’s at Morgan’s grave. Ava apologizes as she didn’t know. Carly replies “Now you know” and hangs up. A few minutes later Carly arrives to Ava’s apartment and asking why she’s not locked up. Ava explains the PCPD found the actual person that planted the bomb. Ava explains it was Liv that planted the bomb. Ava couldn’t call the police because Liv had her tied up. Carly says she’s going to make Liv pay. Ava says Liv didn’t mean to kill Morgan. Carly picks up the martini glass and asks if it was Liv’s. Ava confirms it was. Carly smashes the glass against the wall and leaves. Ava says she’ll get the dust pan.

Sam Morgan

Sam (Kelly Monaco) is outside of the hospital and asks Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) to take Scout so she can go back inside the hospital to find Jason (Billy Morgan). Epiphany takes Scout to keep her warm as Franco (Roger Horwarth) approaches Sam. Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) voice comes across the police radio and announces Curtis (Donnell Turner) & Jason has the bomb in the elevator but on the roof. Sam tries to push past the police and get back inside the hospital. Franco tries to stop Sam. The police push both of them back.

The police ask for updates on Jason but no reply. Franco realizes Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is still in the hospital. Sam tells Franco he should go inside and diffuses the bomb since he’s set a few of them. Franco realizes Liz is still inside the hospital. Sam says Liz will be fine because Jason is inside trying to diffuse the bomb and save everyone. Sam still upset over no reply from Jason as he walks outside of the hospital. Sam runs to him. Jason makes Sam and Scout return to her hospital bed.

Curtis and Jason are in the elevator on the rooftop. Bomb squad arrives and hands wire cutters to Curtis. Curtis cuts the red wire first. He and Jason start counting down as they cut the last wire. They are able to stop the bomb from exploding.

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Finn & Hayden

Dr. Hamiton Finn (Michael Easton) is sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket as Hayden (Rebecca Budig) brings him a bucket since she can’t find any nausea medicine. Finn feels bad she’s stuck in this locked room with him as he’s going through withdrawals. Hayden reassures him she is right where she wants to be, minus the barf.  Finn asks Hayden what she’s going to do when they get out of there. A massage and helping Finn with his addiction. They hear Jordan’s voice over the intercom system announcing all personnel can return to their posts. Evacuation is over.

Curtis & Jordan

As Curtis returns to the nurses station Jordan asks him what he was thinking helping Jason with the bomb. Curtis tells her to relax and admit she still cares about him. She calls him cocky and is going back to work. Curtis says no she’s going to see a doctor about her head injury after getting hit the lead pipe. Jordan wants to look for Liv but Curtis insists she sees the doctor.

Franco & Liz

Franco asks the nurses if they’ve seen Liz. Liz walks up to him. They hug and kiss. They start checking rooms and find Finn and Hayden. Hayden hugs Liz and thanks her. Liz asks if Finn is okay. Hayden explains he’s in withdrawals. Liz tells Finn she knows how awful this is but she can’t let him return to treating patients. Finn agrees to take a leave of absence and Liz won’t tell anyone the real reason. Liz had him write a letter to Monica and leaves the room with it.  Finn tells Hayden he has to do this on his own and leaves.

Sonny & Jason

Sonny arrives to Sam’s hospital room. Jason informs him about Liv being the one that planted the car bomb. They step out of the room. Sonny confides to Jason that Carly knows about Nelle and they’ve split up again. Sam tells them she’s done feeding Scout and they can come back in the room. Sonny declines and tells them to enjoy their happiness. Jason reassures Sonny that Liv will be found and brought to justice.

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