General Hospital Recap June 29: Joss And Carly Have It Out – Nina And Amy Scheme – Spencer Wants Valentin Murdered

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Recap June 29

Thursday’s June 29 episode of General Hospital begins with Nathan (Ryan Paevey) telling Amy (Risa Dorken) he wants to see the proofs of the photo shoot. Amy opens the door to find Quinn (Jennifer Bassey) and Nina (Michelle Stafford). Amy walks out in the hallway telling them they can’t come in for the photo shoot. Quinn says it’s an open shoot and Crimson doing a story on Man Landers. Quinn leaves to take a phone call.

Nina decides to run in the room since Amy won’t tell her what’s going on. Amy tries to get Nina to leave as Nina sees Nathan’s shoes. Amy confesses to Nina how Nathan became involved in this.

Nina is impressed with Amy wanting to help her brother and promises not to tell Quinn. Quinn arrives and they tell her Man Landers agreed to give Crimson the exclusive.

Ava (Maura West) tells Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) she’s not saying anything to him. Dante is betting she wants redemption. Just tell the truth and everyone gets closer over Morgan’s death. Ava feels Morgan is at peace. She’s living in hell and just the air touching her skin causes extreme pain.

Dante calls her a coward that won’t face up to the consequences of her actions. Scott (Kin Shriner) walks in and Dante leaves. Scott asks Ava if she sold him down the river. Ava didn’t snitch him out. Ava wants him to stop with all the lies because the injuries do affect their relationship. Ava doesn’t have anything to give Scott and tells him goodbye.

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Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) tells Sonny (Maurice Benard) he wants him to eliminate Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Sonny attempts to explain if he would grant this, neither of them would have peace. Revenge won’t bring his Dad back as it won’t bring Morgan back. Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) arrive and make Spencer apologize.

Laura and Spencer walk to the car while Sonny thanks Kevin for looking after them. Laura tells Spencer to get them iced teas as they arrive to Kelly’s. Kevin tells Laura this is far from over for Spencer. Laura wouldn’t blame him if he bails on them. Kevin reassures Laura he’s not going anywhere.

Joss (Eden McCoy) screams at Carly (Laura Wright) after hearing she and Sonny are not divorcing. Carly tells Joss she doesn’t get to disrespect her. Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) tells Joss years from now she’ll realize she doesn’t know as much now as she thinks she does. Joss calls Carly a hypocrite after learning she’s being punished. Joss says she’ll hate Sonny until the day she dies and wants to go live with her Dad.

Carly drops Joss off at Lila’s Camp then stops to visit Sonny. Carly updates him on Joss wanting to live with her Dad fulltime. Carly says she’s going to keep Joss and Sonny in her life. She just needs to figure out how to make that happen.

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Bobbie tells Dante she wants Ava brought to justice and she’s disgusted Scott is involved in the whole mess. Dante wants Ava convicted. Bobbie says Ava is suffering and suggests he let this go and enjoy his family. Dante isn’t sure he can let it go but he knows Sonny never will.

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