General Hospital RECAP Wednesday April 5: Scott Tries To Steal Pills – Anna and Valentin Share A Moment – Jax Talks To Nelle

General Hospital RECAP Wednesday April 5: Scott Tries To Steal Pills - Anna and Valentin Share A Moment - Jax Talks To NelleAnna (Finola Hughes) arrives to Valentin’s (James Patrick Stewart) house telling him she remembers it all now. Anna has been to WSB to see a specialist regarding memory loss. She admits Valentin was right about her manipulating him to get information that was needed. Anna claims she was a victim too. Anna mentions how Faison was so obsessed with her. She was forced to steal secrets and Faison tried to compromise her. Anna goes in to detail on how they walked across street to hotel that night. They were intimate. The next morning Anna left the note regarding him to be killed out so he could read it. She stayed in the shower to give him time to escape. She held off for 2 hours on the kill order. That night meant something to her as it did Valentin. Anna softly touches his hand as they look into each others eyes.

Ava Jerome

Ava (Maura West) tells Scott (Kin Shiner) about the robbery and how Morgan’s medicine bottle ended up with the PCPD. Ava threatens Scott she’ll blurt information to Sonny if he refuses to get that bottle from the evidence room.

Lulu Falconari

Lulu (Emme Ryan) finds Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) at the PCPD Evidence Room. She reminds him today is first supervised visit with Charlotte and mentions Nelle is her new friend. Dante warns Lulu that messing with Nelle could blow up in her face. Lulu leaves.

Lulu arrives to Ava’s asking her if she has any information on Valentin that could be valuable. Ava doesn’t have anything but warns Lulu that Valentin is willing to kill anyone that crosses him. Lulu vows to take Valentin down. Ava suggests she finds his Achilles heel before he finds hers. Lulu leaves.

Scott Baldwin

PCPD cop comes out of the evidence room and needs to get more tags for the Floating Rib evidence inventory. Dante leaves to get the inmate so he and his attorney can look at the evidence collected.

The cop starts down the hallway and Scott walks stops and says hello. Cop continues and Scott enters evidence room. Dante returns a few minutes later and asks Scott why he’s there. Scott lies and says he’s the inmate’s attorney. The inmate says Scott isn’t his attorney and has no idea who he is. Scott leaves to go ask the court how this error was made. Dante gets a phone call the inmate’s attorney isn’t available. Dante has the cop take the inmate back to his cell. Dante goes back in the evidence room and finally finds the medicine bottle.

Scott arrives back to Ava’s informing her medicine bottle couldn’t be found. Says it’s her lucky day and bets his life the pills disappeared.

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Nelle Hayes

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) walks into Sonny (Maurice Benard) at Perks. Nelle tells Sonny she’s out of his life and snarks how Bobbie was able to convince Nina (Michelle Stafford) to hire her as the new nanny. Nelle claims she’s the victim of Carly selfishness. Nelle feels Sonny and Carly deserve each other and suffer together. Sonny tells Nelle she’ll be the one to suffer. Valentin won’t fall for her sob story and he’ll get rid of Nelle. Sonny says that works for him and leaves.

Jasper Jax

Jax (Ingo Rademacher) admits to Carly (Laura Wright) he bought Nelle’s kidney. Jax offered Frank Benson one million dollars to find him a kidney. Jax has no idea Frank would sacrifice Nelle. Jax realized when he met Nelle she didn’t’ know he was responsible so he decided not to tell Carly the truth. Jax wanted to save Joss and didn’t think this would hurt Carly. Carly upset Jax left all of them wide open for a world of damage. Nelle succeeded in getting her revenge. Jax feels badly for Sonny and Carly. Jax leaves to let Carly have time to think.

Joss Jax

Joss (Eden McCoy) and Michael (Chad Duell) at Kelly’s discussing Jax being at Carly’s house right now. Joss wants Carly to divorce Sonny. Michael says neither parent is perfect. Sonny losing his only biological child with Carly really did a job on him. Sonny thought he killed his own son. Joss can’t forgive Sonny but she feels a little sorry for Nelle. They start to leave but Michael forgot his phone. Michael on the phone with Carly explaining Joss didn’t want to interrupt her and Jax. Sonny walks up. Michael finishes the call and confirms Jax is back.

Jax arrives to Perks thanking Nelle for meeting him. Jax tells Nelle she is wrong about Carly.

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