‘General Hospital’ POLL: Should Lulu Gain Full Custody of Charlotte? VOTE!


'General Hospital' POLL: Should Lulu Gain Full Custody of Charlotte? VOTE! ‘General Hospital’ (GH) fans have been very vocal about their feelings regarding Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) and her attitude after discovering Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) is her biological daughter. Some fans think her demeanor is disgusting while others feel she is completely justified, how do you feel about it?

The Spencers have been feuding with the Cassadines for decades and it seems like Lulu is carrying on the fight. There is not a lot of history about Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) nor his crimes, but he has been labeled the worst Cassadine of all. He has been very elusive and secretive but from what GH fans have seen, he is a loving and doting father to his little girl and she loves him equally.

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Lulu doesn’t have much to go on, other than Valentin murdered her brother, Nikolas Cassadine (Nick Stabile) in cold blood. Of course she is furious that he knew all along that she was Charlotte’s mother and who could blame her for wanting to raise their daughter away from the Cassadine family?

Many feel that she is justified in wanting to raise Charlotte with her husband, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) because she already lost so much time with her little girl and Charlotte has been tossed around, being told she has different fathers all the time, because of Claudette (Bree Williamson); and now she is going to learn Claudette isn’t her mother either. Hasn’t this child been put through enough?

On the flip side, Lulu seems to be acting very selfish, demanding to take Charlotte home with her and attempting to cut all ties with Valentin. Charlotte has a strong bond with her father and adores him, he is the only parent she is connected with. Remember how awkward she seemed when she was with Claudette? Charlotte has told her friend, Emma Scorpio-Drake (Brooklyn Rae Salzer) that she misses her mother, but they didn’t appear to be that close to each other.

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For General Hospital’s Lulu to want to step in and rip Charlotte from the only family she has known is a bit ridiculous. Lulu needs to step back and do what is best for Charlotte, not her! Whether Lulu likes it or not, the little girl has a deep bond with her daddy and Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford). Nina may have no claim to her, but their bond is real. Tearing her away from who she is comfortable with is going to be a huge mistake in the long run and if Lulu isn’t careful, she could totally alienate herself in the process. Lulu should share custody with Valentin, like her mother Laura Webber (Genie Francis) suggested.

Finally, a lot of people are angry at how Nina is behaving as Charlotte’s step mother but have no qualms about Dante taking over as father figure; isn’t that the same thing? How do you feel about Lulu gaining full custody? Please take this poll and let us know what you think.

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  1. Bonnie Milroy (Kitty Kat) says

    In my opinion
    Charlotte Is a confused little girl and only knows only Claudette As her mom and Claudette coming to Port Charles and lie after lie about the farther. Until the real truth came out the father is Vallentine , but also in my opinion I think Claudette wad kidnapped by Helena and drugged her and put Lulus embryo in her but since no more Starvos she got Vallentine to fertilize. And one the baby was born Claudette was let go with baby Charlotte and she had false memories informed to her that she did had a one night stand with Vallentine knew he was evil and wanted nothing to do with her daughter.
    And now the truth is finally out who Charlotte really is And its Lulu.
    I hate Vallentine and he thinks now he married Nina he is entitled Custody of a Charlotte . No he is sick and twisted and is using and manipulating Nina . So yes in my opinion Lulu should be awarded custody,

  2. nancy foley says

    They should have shared custody, I’m disappointed what the writers are doing to Nina. They should give her, her on baby.

  3. Shirley Kabalka says

    I think Lulu should have gained the little ones friendship and let her grieve her mother that she knew. But I think Lulu should gain full custody.

  4. Laura Champlain says

    I’m so sick of the LuLu/Valentin/Carlotte storyline you have no idea along with the Carly/Nell/Sonny’s storyline, Alexis/Julian & Liz/Francos. So boring. Where the heck are Kevin*Laura & why aren’t they hardly ever on & their scenes are cut so short it’s disgusting? Fans have been begging to see Genie Francis & Jon Lindstrom much more then #GH is putting them on, why is this happening?! It’s criminal to the point they bring in another psychiatrist to help Anna when Kevin was a fine choice, is he suddenly not good enough? Two very talented actors with tremendous chemistry & their overlooked time & time again. I don’t feel Tracy gets enough storyline either & she’s another fantastic actress. Come #GH wake the heck up or your going to lose a number of views such as myself. I tuned in for Laura & fell in love with her romance with Kevin & pretty much nothing since one scene in December! Shame on you for neglecting the talent you have for newbies & over used actors,give others a break already!

  5. pemaddin says

    Lulu is a little schemer and absolsutely did not take Charlottes feelings into account about losing her mother. Lulu wants what Lulu wants and everybody can go fly a kite is how she looks at the world.

  6. D Neville says

    I think they should have shared custody after Lulu and Charlotte should be encouraged by Valentin to develop a relationship before it’s shared custody. And Valentin should have court order demanding that he encourages this relationship. And Lulu shouldn’t be so negative towards V because its going to encourage Charlotte to have negative feelings towrds Lulu.

  7. D Neville says

    Just watched..I should be a writer for GH.

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