General Hospital News: Scarlett Fernandez Hospital Update

General Hospital fans took to social media last week in droves when it was revealed that Scarlett Fernandez had been hospitalized and was battling ear infections and pneumonia, concerned GH viewers wished the little star well wishes.

Scarlett has won over hearts everywhere with her portrayal of Lulu and Valentin’s daughter Charlotte.  And, it looks like all of their positive words may have worked, according to Scarlett’s Instagram page, she has been released from the hospital and is on the mend.

A photo of Scarlett was shared beaming from ear to ear, the caption read, “Thank you so much to EVERYONE for all your sweet messages, well wishes and prayers. We made it back home and I’m feeling better every day. Back to the Dr tomorrow! I’m hoping I can make it to SOME of my gymnastics camp this week! A big thank you to the great doctors in TX!”

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