‘General Hospital’ News: Nancy Lee Grahn Is GH Performer Of The Week

'General Hospital' News: Nancy Lee Grahn Is GH Performer Of The Week

On, “General Hospital,” multifaceted legal eagle Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) sparkles like a diamond in the dust. She’s tough, brilliant, and beautiful. Without a doubt, she’s made of the stuff necessary to dazzle. Then why is it that she’s so often in need of a spit-shine?!

Alexis’ tendency to be her own worst enemy is infuriatingly frustrating. But fans love to hate her endless range of very human flaws, and that’s why Grahn is General Hospital’s Performer of the Week.

Grahn has been giving it her all as Alexis Davis for what seems like an eternity, but every week she manages to make the character fresh as she confronts a never-ending carousel of problems.

Alexis is in the middle of an epic alcoholic bender (but she’s got good reason?!) and each day seems to bring with it another complication for to handle. Has anyone ever been through as much in one week as Alexis?

First her nosy P.I. daughter Sam (Kelly Monaco) roused her in the middle of the night to question her about a shady pawnbroker who was seen leaving her house.

Poor Alexis couldn’t exactly admit that the guy was there to see her louse of an ex-husband, with whom she’s again living with (and that would be because he’s blackmailing her!). Did I mention that Alexis’ taste in men is legendarily bad?

In the midst of her midnight drunken stupor, Alexis was able to deflect Sam’s questions and get indignant about being called on her drinking; the lady’s got skills!

But Alexis’ week got progressively worse when she realized, in a dive bar where she previously stiffed the bartender, that she may have murdered the town rapist.

Grahn handled her uber-dramatic scenes with somewhat understated (for her) nuance. It was a surprise way to play out the dramatic onslaught, and because of Grahn’s fresh take, Alexis came off as entirely believable as a woman confronting several nightmares at once.

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