Emmerdale Spoilers: Lawrence’s Exit Nears – Will Chrissie Be Responsible?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Lawrence's Exit Nears - Will Chrissie Be Responsible?On Emmerdale, we sometimes forget that Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) is already a murderer, her perfect persona can’t cover up her past. She was responsible for the death of Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) a soap favourite. As it was Chrissie who caused the dramatic helicopter to crash last year. Her past kills may have been accidental but there is evidence that her future one may not be.

The Whites have been battling with a family secret for the past month which is just about to explode. Chrissie discovered she was adopted long ago but the true nature of her father’s death is just coming to light.

It turns out that he killed himself due to her adopted Dad’s Lawrence’s (John Bowe) behaviour. Will this information throw Chrissie over the edge?

Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson), the teenage delinquent, kidnaps Tim Richards who is Chrissie’s biological uncle, and it is thought that this action will lead to Lawrence being in hospital yet again.

After Tim tells Chrissie the truth, will Lawrence go into shock? His lifelong secret has been finally exposed. But will his death come back to Chrissie somehow?

Perhaps she will find him in a state and be so overcome with anger due to his lies that she leaves him. We know that she has a harsh streak, one that she has quite possibly passed down to her son.

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It is widely known that Lawrence will be leaving the show soon as John Bowe complained over twitter that the show was pushing him off. Even though he did not want to leave yet. Is now his final time? With his lies neatly wrapped up it does seem the perfect time for a dramatic death exit. But who exactly will be responsible for the murder?

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