Emmerdale Spoilers: Blood Is Shed In The Dales – Robert And Ross’ Feud Takes Turn For The Worse


Emmerdale Spoilers: Blood Is Shed In The Dales - Robert And Ross' Feud Takes Turn For The Worse “Emmerdale” spoilers tease that the animosity between Robert and Ross will explode in the coming days as blood is shed and the antagonists are left without an exit strategy. Will their feud finally lead to the ultimate price being paid?

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Ross did himself no favors by blackmailing Robert when he saw a chance to make some easy money. The taxi driver found himself in possession of explosive news: Robert got Rebecca pregnant. Not wanting the news to become public knowledge, Robert paid off Ross to keep it on the down low.

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But at the same time, Robert promised himself that he’d get even with the con man. And the day of reckoning is on the horizon. Explosive Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Robert, with Aaron’s assistance, will make Ross pay a high price for turning against him.

In the coming days the two men steal Ross’ taxi and turn it into a neat block of mangled metal and assorted car parts! Ross is seething about the “do-over,” but what recourse does he have? He tells his brother Finn that he can’t very well tell the police that his taxi was crushed because he blackmailed Robert!

In short, things quickly escalate out of control, ending in bloody circumstances that no one could have imagined. After Ross steals Robert’s car as payback, Robert and Aaron track him and Finn to Wylie’s Farm, where a marijuana grow operation is located.

Robert and Aaron destroy the plants before the brothers can take advantage of the lucrative situation they’ve stumbled upon. The drug dealers go after the brothers and manage to kidnap Finn, then drive what they think is Ross off the side of the road. But it’s their mother’s car; who was actually driving the vehicle?

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The driver’s face isn’t shown when he/she is dragged from the car and stabbed. What have the brothers, and Robert and Aaron, brought upon themselves? And if the sordid situation turns deadly, will an innocent party end up paying the ultimate price?

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