Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron and Robert To Split, Couple Can’t Survive Rebecca’s Pregnancy?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron and Robert To Split?Aaron and Robert have had quite the turbulent relationship on Emmerdale and spoilers tease that things are about to get even worse. Rebecca’s pregnancy has been announced and the father of the child is none other than Robert.

Whilst Aaron was away in prison, Robert and Rebecca got up to no good in secret. Neither one of them ever imagined that it would result in a child. Rebecca told the aggressive man that she would get an abortion to solve the problem. But she could not go through with the procedure. Robert desperately wanted her to, and he knew he could not hide the truth from Aaron if his child was living in the Dales.

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Aaron was in floods of tears when he found out about the lies that his partner had told, even though Robert said that lying to him “ripped his heart out.” He desperately tried to get his husband to take him back even after he cheated.

Robert’s clever lies however will not win over Aaron this time. Almost every time the pair fight the blond-haired trickster manages to spin a web of lies to pull his lover back in. Aaron took the finger of his finger and banished Robert from their home. He tells Robert that they are no longer married due to this deceit.

But is this truly the end of this relationship? The pair recently got married and even though they have been through a lot they seem to always end up back together. Despite Aaron’s time in jail and Roberts previous criminal encounters.

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The two do truly love one another and fans hope that they do remain together even though poor Aaron does deserve a lot more. Their love story seems wholly dependent on Rebecca’s unborn child, will Aaron be able to forgive Robert if he has to be involved in the child’s life?

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