EastEnders Spoilers: Will Dennis Blackmail Michelle, Dirty Preston Secret Exposed?

EastEnders Spoilers: Will Dennis Blackmail Michelle, Dirty Preston Secret Exposed?Is the infamous May-December affair on, “EastEnders,” about to be exposed to all of Albert Square? It doesn’t look good for cougar Michelle Fowler and her boytoy Preston Cooper’s secret fling right about now!

When Michelle recently gave teen fling Preston a fiery, passionate sendoff, he was no doubt pleased. But neither of the lovers will be pleased when they find out that sneaky Dennis Rickman saw the whole thing!

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Right now the ball is in Dennis’ court; will he spill the beans or take advantage of his information?

It’s entirely possible that Dennis will decide to do the wrong thing and blackmail Michelle over her passionate antics. If he does blackmail Michelle, how will she react?

The unknown factor in all of this drama is how the return of Dennis’ mother, Sharon, will affect the situation. Sharon is set to return to Walford with Phil Mitchell, and when she does, she’ll want to learn what’s new in town.

Sharon has a nose for news, and if and when she finds out about the illicit affair, her reaction will be legendary.

Can you imagine her fury over Michelle bedding young Preston in her own home? Lock up the china and breakables, everyone!

“EastEnders,” spoilers reveal that loyal fans won’t want to miss a single upcoming episode. The moment Sharon returns will be momentous; not to mention her reaction to the latest town gossip.

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Will an outraged Sharon be angry enough to spill the beans about the currently undercover lovers? Spoilers reveal that Sharon may feel the need to let the populace know the real reason Michelle came back to Albert Square.

And when she does unload the explosive truth, look for an unexpected reaction from an unlikely source!

“EastEnders,” fans, what do you think Sharon will do when she returns to Walford? Let us know what you think will unfold in Albert Square once Sharon and Phil return to town!

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