EastEnders Spoilers: When Will Danny Dyer Return – Fans Not Satisfied With Random, Rushed Exit

EastEnders Spoilers: When Will Danny Dyer Return - Fans Not Satisfied With Random, Rushed ExitWe now know how, “EastEnders,” handles errant Danny Dyer’s abrupt, unexpected show exit!  The only remaining question is, now that Mick Carter has left his Walford bar, has he pulled his final tap on the BBC One sudser?

During a recent episode of EastEnders, viewers watched as the Albert Square barkeep got an urgent call about his daughter Nancy: she was hit by a car and now in the hospital!

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Nancy was involved in the accident while on vacation in Bulgaria with her boyfriend Tamwar. Mick felt he had no other choice than to drop everything and rush to her bedside. His son Johnny accompanied the distraught father.

Fans had been on the edge of their seats for weeks, anticipating how the show would explain their star’s astonishing disappearance. After the “exit” episode, viewers flocked online to share their thoughts.

Predictably, reactions were mixed, with some taking exception to the rushed manner in which Mick, who premiered in 2013, was pushed out the door, while others expressed a bit more sympathy to both the show and the star.

“That’s Danny Dyer’s “go and get yourself cleaned up” few weeks away, isn’t it?’ tweeted one viewer, while another wrote, ‘ ‘So that’s the **** storyline that lets Mick **** off for a couple of months?’

Others couldn’t help but critique the writing: “What was that random scene on EastEnders tonight with Danny Dyer! I know he is having a break but really how random!‘ tweeted one fan.

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Another viewer agreed, “Still laughing at the rushed tacked on for Danny Dyer. You can see it wasn’t even rehearsed!”

It remains to be seen what the next act will be for Mick Carter and his portrayer, Danny Dyer. Dyer has reportedly returned from a brief, solo exodus to South Africa, and has been spotted back at home shopping with his wife Joanna Mas.

Neither the show nor Dyer have issued a return date for the fan favorite whose departure was clouded by rumors of on- and off-set misbehavior.

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