EastEnders Spoilers: Sparks Fly Between Mick And Whitney – Controversial Coupling Happening?


EastEnders Spoilers: Sparks Fly Between Mick And Whitney - Controversial Coupling Happening? Could things possibly get worse for the Carter Family on, “EastEnders?” Absolutely! Stressed out Mick is back in the fold but he’s acting like a loose cannon about to explode! After he goes ballistic on his mom, who’s his next target? Fi? Whitney?

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Mick fled to Bulgaria upon learning that his daughter was injured in a car accident while on vacation. The panicked dad immediately jetted off to help his daughter, but in his absence his entire livelihood was put at risk.

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He had no choice but to tend to his ill daughter, but he left another disaster brewing back at home. The Carter family is in severe financial straits, with one member even using his student loan money to try and stem the flood of bills, to no avail.

Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, while he was gone Shirley signed over their bar to their worst enemy! Mama mia!

Max Branning now has the freehold to the Queen Vic, and when Max found out he went on a tirade of epic proportions. Can he fix this abominable situation? Maybe. But there’s sure to be loads more drama and glass throwing before that happens!

While Mick was gone, a sleek and snaky business woman arrived in Walford, by the name of Fi Browning. Now Mick must deal with her as well as Mad Max. What’s a broke guy on the verge of an emotional collapse, who’s also been dumped by his wife, to do?

Get up to no good, no doubt! Which means a Mick and Whitney reunion is a definite possibility. Uh oh. That’s a visual that can’t end well.

With Linda out of the picture will Mick seek Whitney out for some support? Well, he certainly can’t count on Shirley or their hunky (but suspicious) new bartender Woody for level-headed advice or a shoulder to cry on.

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What further inferno will Mick rain down on himself if he goes down that road with Whitney again?

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