‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Denise Fox’s Baby-Daddy Revealed – Will Phil Mitchell Stop The Adoption?


'EastEnders' Spoilers: Denise Fox's Baby-Daddy Revealed - Will Phil Mitchell Stop The Adoption?

‘EastEnders’ spoilers tease that Denise Fox is just a few short episodes away from giving birth to a healthy baby boy.  But, Denise has made it very clear that she plans to give her son up for adoption – of course the baby’s father Phil Mitchell is completely unaware of her plans. But, now that Sharon Mitchell knows the truth, will Phil stop the adoption?

This week’s ‘EastEnders’ episodes revealed that Denise’s secret isn’t much of a secret any more.  Denise confessed her drunken tryst with Phil Mitchell to Shirley in the Queen Vic bathroom – little did they know, Sharon was listening in on their convo.  Now, Sharon knows that Denise is about to give birth to Phil Mitchell’s baby.  But, what will she do with the information?

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Of course, ‘EastEnders’ fans are dying for Sharon to spill the beans to Phil Mitchell, anticipating that he will stop the adoption.  But, there is a very real chance that Sharon might keep the news to herself and not let the unsuspecting father know what is up.  After all, Phil doesn’t even remember sleeping with Denise.

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Sharon and Phil have been through the ringer, a new baby out of wedlock could be the final blow to their rocky relationship.  Could Sharon decide to keep the secret to herself to spare her family any more heartache?  Or do you think she will swallow her pride and tell Phil Mitchell that Denise is about to give his baby boy away?

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