EastEnders Spoilers: Carter Marriage Might Really Be Over – Mick Gives Linda An Ultimatum

EastEnders Spoilers: Carter Marriage Might Really Be Over - Mick Gives Linda An UltimatumWill beleaguered Mick (Danny Dyer) finally kiss his marriage goodbye on EastEnders? After an illicit buss with his daughter-in-law Whitney (Shona McGarty), he has only himself to blame if he and Linda (Kellie Bright) end up in divorce court.

Viewers are about to find out if the downtrodden barman sealed his fate when he tangled with Whitney. And it will be due to his mother’s interference (once again) that the issue comes to a head.

When Linda returned to Walford after an extended absence, Mick pulled out all the stops to welcome her back. But it turned out that both parties were keeping secrets from one another.

When Mick spilled the beans, Linda had a decision to make. But although she’s currently present in body, her wishy-washy emotional commitment to Mick hasn’t gone unnoticed by Shirley (Linda Henry).

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What’s a mom to do, except try to make things right for son, right? Hard-charging Shirley takes the bull by the horns and has Whitney and  Woody (Lee Ryan) over for lunch, alongside Mick and Linda. Awkward!

So who can blame Linda when she has a drink or three to relax? She’s seated next to the young and handsome Woody, and the two get on like gangbusters while Mick looks a little forlorn and definitely left out. But no one expected Linda to address the elephant in the room! So when she spills about the forbidden kiss to Woody, all heck breaks loose.

Later, Mick has a revelation for Linda. He tells his loose-lipped wife that if she can’t get past the past, then they have no future together. How does Linda react? First, she has to deal with a boooooooack-peddling Mick presenting her with an unexpected gift. Now who’s being wishy-washy?

Linda’s reaction to Mick’s gesture is shocking and unforeseen. Did Mick’s earlier message about the state of their union finally open Linda’s eyes to the reality of their life together?

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