‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Annette Badland Teases Aunt Babe’s Shocking Exit From Soap


'EastEnders' Spoilers: Annette Badland Teases Aunt Babe's Shocking Exit From Soap An outrageous, unexpected exit is planned for, “EastEnders,” villainous Aunt Babe! Will the BBC One’s latest shock storyline leave viewers as upset and angry as they were following the epic bus crash scenes? Stay tuned, loyal fans, the drama is about to get ratcheted up another notch or two!

EastEnders,” viewers know that mean ‘ole Aunt Babe is leaving Walford but details surrounding her exit have thus far been scarce. But, in a surprising move, Aunt Babe’s portrayer, Annette Badland, is spilling some beans about the circumstances of the cook’s exodus.

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At the moment Aunt Babe, along with Mick (Danny Dyer) and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), is in trouble with the law for selling alcohol after hours.

Can the impulsive blonde handle doing jail time? Not likely, says Badland!  According to her the woman who knows Aunt Babe best, the scheming lady would not do well as an inmate, and the mere thought probably petrifies the middle-aged lady.

Badland recently told the UK’s Express that, “She was assuming she could find a way out of it – it’s about staying alive in that moment. I don’t think she’s ever been arrested before – that would terrify her.”

Although savvy Aunt Babe has been involved in shady business in the past, law enforcement has never before been a threat to her livelihood. But Badland expressed confidence that her alter ego will find a way to get the upper hand. The question is, how far is Aunt Babe willing to go to ensure that she wins in the end?

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Badland further teased that the cook’s family will be in for some surprises in the upcoming episodes! Could Aunt Babe have been keeping some secrets from her loved ones? If so, how will they react to her duplicities? And what will they have to say about how she chooses to handle her current mess?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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