EastEnders Script Leak, Employee Caught Trying To Sell Christmas Spoilers

EastEnders Script Leak, BBC Employee Caught Trying To Sell Christmas SpoilersHow much do you think EastEnders’ Christmas episodes are worth? They are the biggest storylines of the year and the press are eager to find them out months in advance. Well one sneaky man decided that he was going to steal the plots from this year’s show and try to sell them for £4,000 ($5300).

The man in question is Alex Loveday, but this may not be his real name. He was a worker at the BBC but only on a temporary contract, he is only 24 years old. He decided that whilst working there he would make some extra money by stealing EastEnders’s Christmas episode plot and sell it onto newspapers and magazines in the UK.

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However, he was caught on camera committing this crime, which means not only is he likely to lose his job. But he will not succeed in his hope to sell the script. The story has become too well known, so if any papers did suddenly have Christmas information it would be obvious where it came from. In fact, many news sources have reported the man back to the BBC, to show their support of the soap.

But Alex has a bizarre excuse, he claims that he did not steal this EastEnders eleven-page script! He says that he simply found it lying on a bench. As if someone would leave something to valuable lying around.

When he met with a potential buyer he said this, “I believe something like this to be worth in the region of the low thousands opposed to the low hundreds.” He also claimed that the script reveals what happens to Abi and Lauren Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald, Jaqueline Jossa) this Christmas.

Do you think this man should be prosecuted for theft? His despicable actions could have ruined the EastEnders Christmas episode for fans everywhere.

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