EastEnders News: You Can Live On Albert Square!

EastEnders News: You Can Live On Albert Square!Don’t get too excited EastEnders fans, you won’t be moving in next door to Phil Mitchell any time soon, but the next best thing did just become available. Although it is out of budget for the average person. Set to go up for sale at a whopping £1.1 million the iconic property is set to be put on the market in the upcoming months.

The house on sale is not actually on the fictional Albert Square, but you could be fooled into thinking it was. The property based in Fassett Square, which was the inspiration for our favourite soaps setting.

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The streets of terrace houses were used to make the iconic set back in the 1980’s. Our favourite characters live in houses that closely resemble those in the photograph, details such as the garden walls and even the hedges were copied. The show’s bosses wanted an authentic London setting. And this street in Hackney gave off the aesthetic they wanted. A mix of working class and elegance meant that it could host a whole cast of characters that were different in socio-economic backgrounds.

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If you were lucky enough to get your hands on this property you would be living near other EastEnders landmarks, the pub on the street inspired the Queen Vic and there is a lively market down the road. Not only that but the squares famous garden, benches included is just a five-minute stroll away. It really is like being in Walford, well minus the drama, high death and divorce rates. I’m sure nobody would want soap characters as neighbours in reality.

The house on sale is a bit of a fix-er-upper. But never the less being near central London and with its connection to EastEnders. It is likely to sell for big bucks.  You can check out the property on Purple Bricks. Would you fancy living like a soap character?

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