EastEnders Fans Outraged After Holby City Steals Wedding Venue

EastEnders Fans Outraged After Holby City Steals Wedding VenueMany of you will remember EastEnders’ tragic deaths of Ronnie (Samantha Womack) and Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simmons) on New Year’s Day.  On the day of Ronnie’s wedding she drowned alongside her sister who suffered a shock heart attack. The deaths were brutal and recently the actress Rita Simmons spoke out saying it was “too harsh.” The wedding itself took place in a beautiful hotel. The very same hotel in which a huge Holby City wedding just happened!

Fans took to social media, outraged that the medical drama soap would use the same set as where the Mitchell sisters died. It is clear to see that it is the same venue, even down to the same chairs used in the reception room.

The Holby City wedding however was far less dramatic than EastEnders. It was actually a rather happy occasion. Dr Zosia March (Camilla Arfwedson) and Dr Oliver Valentine (James Anderson) tied the knot after months of planning. The young doctors always put their careers before romance, their busy lives in the hospital meant that they kept putting off their big day. There was some upset when Zosia’s father turned up drunk but other than that it wasn’t very eventful. Definitely no drownings or run-away brides.

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Viewers of Holby City are now claiming that the hotel setting is a bad omen on their marriage. That they are set to fail. The ghosts of dead characters set to follow them. This is of course a fan theory and not specified by the show. Both shows are on the BBC which may explain the shared location. The wedding venue could be a complete coincidence. But doesn’t it seem a little odd?

Will the Doctor romance last or like so many soap couples end up in a divorce before the year is out?

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