Days Our Lives RUMOR: Is DOOL Casting EJ DiMera Recast?

Days Our Lives RUMOR: Is DOOL Casting For EJ DiMera Recast?

Elvis is alive! But is he in the building? A viral audition tape is fueling rumors that, “Days of Our Lives,” super-stud EJ DiMera is about to be brought back from the dead!

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The video in question shows a character named Gabe apologizing for sleeping with another man’s girl, but warning him not to try and exact revenge against him or his family.

Diehard DOOL fans have never given up hope that EJ is actually undead, and online commenters believe that Gabe is a really just a cover name for EJ DiMera, who will soon make a triumphant comeback to Salem. Is it too good to be true? Could there be an Elvis recast in the works?

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Englishman James Scott played adult EJ “Elvis” DiMera from 2006 to 2014. Duplicitous but suave EJ is the son of the late crime lord extraordinaire Stefano DiMera and funky, hilarious Susan (Eileen Davidson). EJ came to town full of spite and vinegar about the fact that Susan was being held in a mental institution.

Among other things, she had impersonated Kristen DiMera, also played by Eileen Davidson. As soon as EJ set sight on Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) he was smitten and the rest is history: EJami the super couple was born!

Days Our Lives RUMOR: Is DOOL Casting For EJ DiMera Recast?

After years of epic, super couple ups and downs, EJ and Sami seemed destined for happiness when the unthinkable happened: EJ died. Maybe the writers were forced to kill off EJ when Scott left the show. At that time it was doubtful that fans would accept an immediate recast. Scott had made the role his own, including an impeccable English accent and commanding Euro presence. Distraught and bereaved Sami left soon after EJ’s death, taking the kids to California for some drama free sunshine.

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Fans couldn’t stop clamoring for the return of EJami though, and in 2015 the writers threw viewers a small tidbit of hope, when Sami received a letter claiming to be from EJ. What do you think DOOL fans, is EJ on his way back, and if he returns can Sami be far behind?

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  1. cher2356 says

    Omg, please bring EJ and Sami back!!!! Loved them! So ready for Demios to go, hate that Eduardo and Nicole are leaving:( I’ll be so glad when the new writers lines take over, the old writers screwed up big time!!

  2. Jennifer M. Collins says

    If recast doesn’t include James Scott then don’t bother

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