‘Days of Our Lives’ POLL: Who Do You Prefer Chad With Gabi or Abigail? VOTE!

'Days of Our Lives' POLL: Who Do You Prefer Chad With Gabi or Abigail? VOTE!

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans have been very vocal about Abigail “Abby” Deveraux DiMera’s (Marci Miller) return to Salem and whether or not Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) should reunite with her or continue his budding relationship with Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus).

DOOL’s Chad and Abigail have a lot of history together and also share a child. Their relationship has had a lot of ups and downs but what Abigail has done recently might not be forgivable. Abby allowed Chad to believe she was dead, and he struggled tremendously turning to alcohol to ease his pain causing him to almost lost their son in the process.

Abby might have been shown mercy and forgiveness had she immediately gone to Chad the minute she arrived in town, but she chose to hide out in her mother’s attic, worried that Chad wouldn’t want her. She simply waited too long, and honestly who could blame Chad for hesitating over her commitment to him and their son, Thomas? Chad had never shown anything but love to Abby and for her to act like he wouldn’t want to be with her was ridiculous and awfully selfish. Her son and husband needed her.

Gabi Hernandez is not a saint either, and after spending time in jail for killing Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) you’d think no one would take a chance on her, especially in the business world. Chad hired her and she helped him with his style and business. They genuinely suited each other, both were single parents simply trying to find their way in life.

Gabi and Chad have a long-standing friendship with each other and Gabi has been by his side when most were against him. They Fell for each other without even realizing what was happening. Gabi had been through a lot with JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) and when he withheld the truth about Abby, he wasn’t just lying to Chad; another thing JJ shouldn’t be forgiven for.

Gabi and Chad were on a good path when Abigail reappeared, and who could blame Chad for moving ahead with his life. Abby is more determined than ever to prove to Chad that their love is eternal and he should stop loving Gabi and be with her. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Gabi has not done anything for Chad to doubt her loyalty and that must weigh on his mind. How can he trust that Abigail won’t bolt the second life gets to difficult for her to deal with? Who do you think Chad should be with, please take our poll and let us know who you prefer Chad with.

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  1. Kristian says

    Seriously? You’re calling Abby’s decision selfish? No mention of the fact that when she made that decision she was mentally unstable and ill? She was suffering! She didn’t just decide she didn’t want to be with Chad anymore and run off to have fun elsewhere. She was sick. You say that Chad & Thomas needed her but even if she was there, she wouldn’t have been able to be there for them. It wasn’t within her to do so.

    Abby’s decision to hide out before revealing herself was also not just because she was afraid Chad wouldn’t want her, but, she wasn’t sure she could handle it mentally or emotionally. It wasn’t just Chad that she didn’t want to see, it was everyone. She was found by her mom, JJ, Dario, even Andre and eventually Chad. She was unsure of her anxiety and panic attacks surrounding her family and their reactions that she was unable to bring herself to make her presence known. Now that they know she’s alive, she’s able to get a grip on things better, but she’s still not fully recovered.

    As for Gabi, don’t forget to mention the part about how she was being a hypocrite and preaching about being honest to her boyfriend JJ and yet wasn’t being honest with him around the fact that she and Chad had progressed their relationship and made out. Heavily. If Gabi had just made the clean break from JJ after his confession then maybe I could have seen her in a different way surrounding Chad but the fact that she stayed with JJ and lied to him about what was going on with her and Chad only paints Gabi in the selfish and undeserving light.

    Abby was mentally ill when she made her decision to fake her death and leave her family behind. Gabi has no excuse for her shady behavior whatsoever.

    1. cheekees says

      You said it….. I totally agree 100%

  2. Stacey Stewart says

    Wow….Whatever happened to UNBIASED soap sites? I’ve been reading stuff on this particular site for a while now and it always seems to be anti-Abby/Chabby. By the way, I am part of the 80.3% who voted for ABBY. However, I am mainly an AFF–Abby Fan First. Marci Miller is doing an OUTSTANDING job & I can’t wait to see what’s next for my girl, Abby. As for Chad, if he can’t find it in his heart to truly forgive Abby and give her the unconditional love she deserves, then Abby will simply have to move on….and it will be HIS loss. Team Abby!

  3. Lisa says

    Love him with Gabby. They do have a friendship that has lasted for a long time, so it was only natural that it would eventually turn to love given the right situation. I agree with the writer of this article totally. They did nothing to make this happen. “They Fell for each other without even realizing what was happening”, and doesn’t that make it more beautiful? I think so.
    Marci Miller and Billy Flynn do not have the good chemistry that he had with Kate Mansi. I like Kate a lot and think she was a great Abby. Not so much with Marci. Good actress, but in my opinion, she isn’t a good Abby. I also do buy the nonsense Abby fans are passing around that she left the mental hospital “to save her family”. Bologna! Chad is her husband! He took a vow to stand by her through sickness and health, he has always been there for her over the years when she got into trouble, so why wouldn’t he be there for her through the breakdown? Why would her mother consider being there for her during a breakdown trouble? Jennifer loves her, and would have never thought that. Neither would JJ. So it makes no sense for her fans to say that based on her history with her family. It’s a lame excuse for her simply deserting her husband and child.
    I agree with the writer that both women are flawed. Murder is a serious issue, but Gabby paid the price of killing Nick, and she began life again in a positive direction. Abby just continues to slide down hill. For example she came home, supposedly well, yet what did she do? Did she go home to Chad and Thomas? No, she hid out in Jennifer’s attic for weeks not wanting to even tell the man she was still alive! She badgered Jennifer into bringing Thomas to her, so off Jen went to Chad’s house to lie about wanting grand-mommy and me time. The entire time she lived with Jen she was planning to leave town again, and just let Chad continue to think she was dead. The night he found her with Thomas, she was saying good-bye to him, so don’t tell me she is some martyr. There isn’t a good mother alive who would have decided to leave that little boy again, if she was on the right meds and feeling better. Not one. Abby just felt overwhelmed being a wife and mother so she left.
    Chad will be sorry if he stays in a marriage to a woman like that. He will never be happy, because he will never be sure what calamity in life will make her bolt out of town again. He needs a stable woman. A woman who is committed to being their for he and Thomas and that woman is Gabby. She’s a great mother, and she will be a great wife to Chad and stepmother to Thomas.

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